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I kind of waffle between, two versions of this. One is like "The universe is so big, ther- we're just one star, in a galaxy of hundreds of millions and hundreds of millions of galaxies, how could any of this possibly matter?"

Versus, the sense that, it's been a blip of time that something as capable of examining the universe as human, humanity, uh, it like has existed that, that seems quite special, it doesn't seem to exist all over the universe, it doesn't seem to be very common. Just based on a sort of like preliminary investigations, we still have a lot of work to do there.

That seems like way too much pressure to me. I'm like-I- could we have a middle space between "I don't matter at all" or like "We are the only way, the only system of living chemistry where the universe can examine itself"? Like, I don't want to mess that up!?!

I'm sorry, that doesn't seem like it was helpful at all. It seems like I probably made that worse. Uh, which seems like me!