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Alan and Hank wanted to tell YouTube a little bit about how DFTBA Records started, what we do, and why we do it.
Hank: Hi, I’m Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers.

Alan: And I’m Al Lastufka, author of this YouTube book. And despite the fact that the two of us know nothing about the music industry, we started a record label about a year ago.

Hank: Actually Alan, the weird part is that we didn’t even want to know anything about the record industry. We want to know about YouTube.

Alan: Hank and I have always been very excited about, and active in YouTube’s music scene. That includes the serious stuff, like what I do.

Hank: And the really ridiculous stuff like I do!

Alan: And about a year ago, I started thinking it was a shame that these artists didn’t have a simple, unified way that they could get their music out to the fans that wanted to buy it. So I went out about, setting up a distribution network where we could press CD's and get onto iTunes and put the music where the fans were.

Hank: And Alan and I started talking about this, and since I had already sold, like, nine hundred copies of my CD to people who watched me on YouTube and that’s the only way they knew me, I was pretty excited about the idea.

Alan: So we got together and created DFTBA Records. Our whole goal is to help musicians on YouTube create music, make albums, and get those albums into the hands of their fans.

Hank: And it’s pretty freaking awesome! How many releases do we have?

Alan: We have over ten releases out now and they’re all doing very well. In fact our band Chameleon Circuit actually landed in the iTunes top one hundred rock albums chart.

Hank: Charts! Charts dude, we’re on charts!

Alan: Yeah, I know.

Hank: Charts!

Alan: Mm-hmm

Hank: Dude, I know you are as excited as I am on the inside.

Alan: Yep.

Hank: DFTBA Records has releases from some of YouTube’s most popular artists and we’re still signing people. We’ve got Dave Days and Venetian Princess and Charlieissocoollike and you and me and more!

Alan: I admit it, I’m, I'm really proud of what we’ve done so far.

Hank: To find out more, go to, there’s a link in the thingy. I never remember which side the thingy is on.

Alan: You could do more than buy albums at of course. You could check out some of our artists, listen to some songs, even download some free, exclusive MP3s.

Hank: Alan, is that all we’re saying? I feel like we should say something else since we’ve got these people on the line.

Alan: Well, how about don’t forget to be awesome.

Hank: And if you were been wondering, the song that you’ve been hearing is “One Thousand Hours” by Alex Day, also known as Nerimon. His album is available for pre-order right now and ships out on October 1st.