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In which Hank sings a song that is mostly Shakespearean insults, and talks about his own broken reasons for not writing much music for the last year or so. Also, announces that he's working on an album!

NOTE: I had to re-upload this because I accidentally unlisted the last video and YouTube was malfunctioning and not allowing me to re-list it. Sorrryyyy.

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$12 Harry Potter Songs CD (all proceeds to the HPA)

Threadless shirt:

 Intro and Survey results

Good morning, John.

Thanks for the update on America's healthcare situation. Something tells me that this isn't going to be the last video where you talk about that. For people who aren't in America, sorry. It's a really big deal for us right now.

Sometimes I'm really surprised by what people of the world want to see, and of course sometimes we want to see silly videos, and sometimes we want to see complicated videos where we explain things, and one of the things that really surprised me, when we did the nerdfighter survey, a huge majority of people said that they wished I would spend more time writing and producing and releasing songs.

So this is really dumb, this is like textbook example of my brain being broken. When I release a vlogbrothers video, I look at the number of likes and dislikes that the video gets. Average- we get about 12,000 likes and about 100 dislikes. When I put up a song, and this is going to sound really dumb, the number of dislikes will be like double the usual. That's still only 200 people of 200,000 people disliking the video. But because it's more than usual, my brain says, "That's not as good as the normal videos, so stop doing those." For so long, I pushed making new music to the back burner because I felt like it wasn't as successful as the other kinds of videos we made. So yeah, after I got the survey results, that lots of people wanted me to make more music, I started making more music. For example, I just wrote a song called Undigested Lump, which is about being super angry at someone, and insulting them using only Shakespearean insults and I'm going to play it for you right now. 

 Undigested lump (1:21)

Well I got a lot of things I’d like to say to you,
And also just a few I’d like to actually do,
But I don’t want to go to jail,
And sometimes my words fail,
And I don’t want to let the worst parts of me prevail,
Saying what’s on my mind, for me, has always been hard,
So I’m just gonna leave this to the words of the bard:

Get out of my sight, thou dost infect my eyes!
Wilt thou be a made a man out of my vice?
Oh braggart, vile, and damn furious wight!
Thy tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile!

Oh hell must be empty, ‘cause the devil is here!
I’ve been memorizing Shakespeare for nigh on a year.
So I was ready for this, after what you did,
You’ll be lucky if you leave here and you still exist.
You never knew when to shut it, you carcass fit for hounds!
It’s the emptiest vessel that makes the loudest sounds.

Get out of my sight, thou dost infect my eyes!
Wilt thou be made a man out of my vice?
Oh braggart, vile, and damn furious wight!
Thy tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile!

Injurious, tedious, you botcher’s apprentice!
Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous stock fish!
Thou one-trunk-inheriting slave,
You’re not worth another word or else I’d call you, I’d call you a knave!

So you might notice that was a little short, I cut one of the verses off, cause it got a little bit dirty. Also, this video wouldn't have fit into a four-minute video if I had left the verse on, so... vlogbrothers rules!

 New album (2:49)

I'll be working on an album in November and October. A bunch of my favorite YouTube musicians are going to be helping me, also probably some of my favorite wizard rock musicians. It's gonna be, maybe a different level, from my other albums. Not to say that my other albums aren't great. (points behind him) I'm pointing at them, they're right over there on that shelf. I want it to be a little more musically cohesive, and energetic, but not so weirdly genre-isolated, with like punk-rock next to polka. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Instead, I want to like, mash, and like, have some flow, so it's punk rock-polka, instead of punk rock (gestures hand to one side of screen) polka (gestures hand to other side). 

God, now I have to put a punk rock polka song on the album. Oh well. 

Nerdfighteria- thank you for supporting me in something that I really love doing. I'm sorry that I was being dumb about it, and yay, now more music. I punched my microphone, Calm down, son. 

So yeah, thank you. And John, I'll see you on Tuesday. 

 Millipedes are like...? (3:36)

(outro screen)
The shirt says millipedes are like ten times better than centipedes. Every time I wear this shirt, people in the comments, "What are millipedes like, Hank?!

It's a Threadless shirt, I'll put a link in the description. 

Also, cause I kinda feel like I'm getting back in the game, I just put my two studio albums up as a bundle on for 15 dollars, which is a screaming deal. So if you're interested into getting my music, it is available.