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The second year of YouTube Asks Obama just happened ( and totally coincidentally I just finally finished editing together all of the footage from when I went to DC!

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A lot of people have been asking me if the questions are vetted beforehand. Is Obama gonna see the questions? This is a Google employee. Is Obama gonna see the questions before this happens?  

Google employee: Yes, I am a robot Google employee. No, the President's not gonna see any of these questions. Hank's been looking over a lot of questions that your subscribers have submitted and choosing where he wants to go with the interview, but no, nobody at the White House even on the President's staff will see his questions beforehand.

Hank: So these two people are just basically my editorial consultants to make sure that I don't say anything truly dumb and that we have--that it goes well, and that it will fit in the time allotted with all of the questions I wanna ask, which is too many, but that's how it works. It's not a whole--what is it?--a dog and pony show? I'm just--I'm gonna surprise that man. At least a little bit, I hope, a little bit.

I officially have an outfit. It is this. I'm wearing a backpack which makes it look way worse. I have a tie on.

GloZell--  Julie!  GloZell did it.

GloZell: You look like you ain't never had new clothes before.

Hank: She pulled the tag off... I was worried about hurting my pants!

GloZell: Your slacks.

Hank: Hi-- Say hi to people.

GloZell: Hi to people! This is GloZell and we freezing in the White House. I'll just let you know. It's cold.

Hank: (laughing) It's not-- I'm-- I came from Montana.

GloZell: Oh, well.

Hank: It's nice here.

GloZell: Well, I came from California, so... This is cold.




Hank: This is Fredrick, he's been playing Obama in our rehearsals.

Fredrick: I have.

Hank: I don't know how you got the part. How'd you get the part?

Fredrick: Uh, I don't know... I don't know, I'm still trying to figure that out. (laughing)

Hank: This is my little set... 

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Hank: This is my little set... a little fake bedroom in this fake White House area here... And this is the guy who's filming me all the time!

Guy: (laughs) This is so meta!


Hank: So we just finished rehearsals... And now I think we're gonna go to the White House.

Fredrick: (looking offscreen) I hate you guys for that.


Hank: Fredrick knew the answers better than I think Obama will. I felt--

Fredrick: We will see tomorrow! That's what I shoot for, cuz I wanna watch and see, okay, what does he say...

Hank: Yeah, that drone question... I was like, oh, yeah, you know more about this than I do. Dang it!

Fredrick: (laughs)


Hank: Hey! Woah.

Bethany Mota: I was-- I--

GloZell: Well her face was, like, perfect. So I just came in here to off-balance--

Bethany: What are you talking about? ... I'm checking my teeth, I just ate a cookie.




Hank: Julie and I are at the gate to the White House... aaand we can't get in. Well, we can, but we've lost half of our party.


Hank: Well that's happening.

(woman in background: it was on my knee, it was, like, this big.)


Hank: Turn it off? Leave it on!

GloZell: Leave it on!

Hank: (laughs) ...Alright, I guess this is how you get inside the White House. You have an appointment. That's the main thing.

(man in offscreen) Guys, I think there's probably no cameras in the...




GloZell: Hello, this is GloZell! Is you okay? Is you good? Cuz I want to know! Are you the press? Because that's all of you that's gonna be in here, this is depressing. Briefing room. They're not briefing nobody right now.

Hank: This is what it looks like! It's not fake, it's not a tv set or anything. Um, GloZell's gonna go right up there and... give an announcement...

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but it turns out there's these things that-- they have laser beams that cut your leg right off.


Hank: The deep difficulty is whether or not to eat them.

Woman: They taste better than your average M&M.

Hank: Oh, yeah?

Man offscreen: Really?

Bethany?: Really?

Jen: I think there's one for everyone... I brought eight.

Man: Thanks, Jen, that's really nice of you.

Hank: This one's Julie's.

Woman: There we go.

Man: They go for fifty bucks on eBay, so...

Hank: Do they really? And that's now, what about when they're really old M&Ms?




Hank: Alright... Got my Pizza Bowie John shirt on and I'm getting ready to go to the White House. The problem with this is that we now are gonna be at the White House for, like, hours before this happens. And I'm gonna spend all of that time panicking. All of it. There's nothing to do! I need doing things! To do! Uugh... 


Hank: ...Pam. Do you mind being on camera?

Pam: I don't mind at all.

(both laugh)

Hank: I'm getting Pampered now.

(laughter in background)


Hank: Look at me!




Hank: We're on our final drive to the actual White House for the actual interview! And we have so much more time to go before it happens.

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?: Three hours to go.

Hank: Three hours to go.  These are very long hours.  I don't know what to do with myself.  

This is a little less complicated in the daytime.  It was significantly weirder at night, when everything was blocked off.  (?-6:20) have arrived.  This is a big White House gate, and that's a big White House.  It's a pretty big house.  

And now we're in the independent holding pen between two gates while they make sure we are who we say we are.  

(?-6:52) the set now.  This is where we're--oh yeah!  This looks exactly like the other room, except much nicer.  

Glozell: Oh my gosh, Bo!  Bo!  

Hank: We're having a pre-visit from some ambassadors. 

Glozell: Oh my God!

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Hank: Lincoln! Very big. He's very big.


Hank: I recognized that there's a lot of anticipation in this video. That's because there's a lot of anticipation in this process. Hi GloZell.

GloZell: Oh! You notice me?

Hank: Are you nervous yet?

GloZell: No.

Hank: Oh my God, how can you not be nervous?


Hank: I'm in a bathroom in the White House and /i can't figure out how to turn on the light. That's weird. Well if you're wondering, this is what one of the bathrooms of the White House looks like, anyway. My favorite part is that these towels, these hand towels, have the Presidential Seal on them. So. That's really-- I mean, these are like marble bathroom stall doors. I hope-- I was worried for a second that there was somebody in there. There's not. Okay. Good. Yeah, so this part of the bathroom's doors that-- so there's marble stall doors, that's pretty nice. But other than that, normal bathroom.


Hank: Also, it is led into by this... thing. They've got, like, a... a sitting room. If there's a line.


Hank: Secret Service just came it. It was very obvious that they were Secret Service. They had those faces on. I was scared. Fake president's still here. (laughs) How are you doing?

Fredrick: Fake president is taking real pictures. (laughs)


Hank: Crazy, right?

Woman offscreen: That's cray.

Hank: I just noticed that this class is very, very thick.

Woman: See-through, though.

Hank: Yeah, but it's like at least an inch thick. It's more than an inch thick, you can't tell because of the refraction but it's super thick.

Woman: Oh, the refraction?

Hank: Yeah. The index of refraction.


Woman: You recording?

Hank: Don't-- I am. I'm recording you mocking me.

Woman: I don't work here, I don't work here!


Hank: I've been told that there's a helicopter. It's going to land right there. Pretty excited about it.


Hank: A final bathroom break before the thing. Also I have to swatch out my battery cuz it's running out.


Hank: They're taking my camera away from me, which means it's really real now. So I have to go. And then I'm gonna do this and when I come back, when I film the next thing, it'll be over. And... that will be good. (laughs)

 (10:00) to (12:00)

Hank: Alright!  I did it!  It happened!  Here's the Narnia map, we brought it all the way from Missoula to be in my little set here.  I'm gonna take this.  I'm also gonna take this copy of TFIOS, 'cause it's mine now, and also this pen.  Don't forget this pen.  And my questions.  I did it.  It's over.  I can go to sleep.  I can't.  Now I have to talk to press.  Fun.  

Hank: Now we're doing post-interview press because it can't be over yet.  Your fault.  

Woman: Ouch, I know, sorry.  


GloZell: Green and Green.

Hank: Yeah.

Glozell: Green and Green.  

Hank: Distant cousins.  

Glozell: Yes, we are.


Hank: I don't mean to brag, but I have got an ear thing.  It's in there.  It's sensitive.


Hank: Alright, I did it.  I want to know what Hilary thinks.  Maybe you're gonna be upstairs some day.  The First Ladies are downstairs, the Presidents are upstairs.  These flowers smell insanely good.  


Hank: Bye, White House!  Thanks!  That was crazy.  That was crazy.  That was just nuts.  


Hank: Goodbye, White House.  Goodbye.  Oh, that one's locked, too.  It's hard to leave the White House, they don't want you to go.  

Woman: You did such a good job!


Hank: Okay, we just-- we just caused-- Glozell caused a scene just now, and this-- and the secret service had to cut our meetup short.  That was weird.

Woman: That was... Did you film that?


Hank: I just found Josh Sundquist!

Josh: Whaaaat.  

Hank: Hi.

Josh: Just hangin' out in DC.  

Hank: How you doing?

Josh: Good, man, how are you doing?

Hank: Good.

Josh: Still like, uh, working off those adrenaline tremors?

Hank: I'm a little freaked out, yeah, yeah.  


Josh: I mean it's something like as a YouTuber, right? You know?

Hank: Yeah! ... I'm having a Cuban sandwich in an American restaurant! Josh Sundquist!

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Hank: I'm back in Florida now! Um, Dad and Katherine just picked me up at the airport-- Oh, hey, thanks for turning the light on. Dad used to make movies.

Hank's Dad: Lights! Camera...

Hank: Um... Hi, Baby. How'd I do?

Katherine: Amazing!

Hank: Thanks. What would you have said if I had done terribly?

Katherine: Amazing!

Hank: (laughs)


Hank: I got a good night's sleep, I had a dream that I was a road, I'm feeling good, now I gotta edit the video--

John Green: Helloooo!! Hank, you did such a good job!!

Hank: And my brother's here.

John: I'm so proud of you!! 

Hank: Thanks.

John: You were awesome!! It was so great!! Yay!! Aaaaaaaa--

Hank: I'm very--

John: --aaaaaaaaaaa--

Hank: Thank you.

John: --aaaaaa!! I'm so excited. I'm so proud of Hank. He was so good! That question about drones was so good!

Hank: I'm glad that, uh-- I-- I-- Why-- Would you have-- How would you have-- Would you have done it any different?

John: Ah, I wouldn't have had the-- I wouldn't have had The Fault In Our Stars under a photograph... I would have had The Fault In Our Stars on top of the photograph so the President-- thank you for doing that, by the way.

Hank: (laughs)

John: Is that the copy of The Fault In Our Stars that the President touched?!

Hank: It is! It is.

John: The President touched this Fault In Our Stars!

Hank: And here's--

John: I'm keeping it!

Hank: Here's the thing that he signed. It says, "To Hank. Glad to help.

John and Hank: "Barack Obama."

Hank: John? I'll see you on Friday.

John: ...Mmkay.

Hank: That's today. Cuz it's right now.