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In which the brilliant and lovely Hannah Witton explains consent: what it is, who can truly give it, and why it makes, like, everything better.

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Hannah: Hey everyone, I'm Hannah from the YouTube channel Hannah Witton, and the lovely Mike and Emma have asked me to host this episode of "How to Adult."

And that's my phone. Put your phone on silent before-- where is it? Also, don't lose your phone. How to adult! Woah. Don't kick your microphone. Lot's of things happening here today. Hold on. [beep]

Hey everyone, it's Hannah from the YouTube channel Hannah Witton, and the lovely Mike and Emma have asked me to host this episode of "How to Adult," all about consent. This is going to be like a consent 101 class and I know that it's a very sensitive subject. So if you feel like I missed anything out or could have phrased something better, that's what the comment section is for!

In school, the most I ever got taught about consent was "no means no" and "don't do it until you're ready." But that's not enough when it comes to understanding consent. First of all, here are some other things that you might hear that also mean "no." "I don't really feel like it." "Not tonight." "I have a headache." "Um, I'm not sure." Instead of watching out for a "no," instead seek out a "yes."

So what is consent? Consent is a voluntary, enthusiastic "yes." Unassumed. Mandatory. Consent can be verbal or nonverbal, taken away at any point, for some stuff and not other stuff. If you are unsure your partner has given consent, ask. You cannot get consent if: they are under the age of consent and you are above it, they are blackout drunk or high, there is a power imbalance. This one's a bit more of a gray area, but some examples are if there is a massive age difference, if someone's in a position of responsibility such as a teacher or student, or a celebrity-fan relationship.

And for people who think it ruins the moment or is unsexy to ask for consent, you can't argue with the amazingness and the sexiness of being 100% sure and without a doubt that your partner is into it. One, it's the right thing to do, and two, you won't be worried about misreading any signals. You can just relax and have a good time.

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