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Back in January we hosted a meetup for Brain Scoop fans and ExploreAStory listeners at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. We invited you to come and share a story of a time you had a memorable experience in a museum, in nature, or while exploring the world around you. Here's part 1 of 2 from that afternoon.

Part 2 is here:

Do you have a museum or nature story? I'd love to know! Share it in the comments. :)

Learn more about the Nightingale City Berlin citizen science project:


Where are you in the world? Give us a listen! Record 30-45 seconds of your environment and email it to us at exploreastory(at)fieldmuseum(dot)org, with the subject line: "OK to share- EAS." Please include your name and location in the recording! By sending us the file you're giving us permission to use it at the end of a future episode or another Brain Scoop-related project, so thank you in advance.


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