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Now, you probably already know about this, but I can't guarantee it.  There is a socks subscription called the Awesome Socks Club that is for charity.  See, you're gonna have to buy socks.  Socks are a good product.  Socks are great, but this is better than the normal way to buy socks because instead of you having to think about it, amazing independent artists design a different pair every month and then they get sent to you.  You can cancel anytime and shipping is free, but also, unlike all the other times that you ever bought socks, all of the profit goes to charity.  That's just, that's just better, right?  It's a very clear value.  Like, you get a little bit of joy delivered to your doorstep every month and also impoverished communities get better healthcare systems, but in order to control inventory and decrease waste, you can only sign up during very limited windows so that we know exactly how many socks to order.  This is one of those windows, but it's only going to be open for the next, I think like eight days.  You  can cancel anytime, there's free shipping everywhere, all the packaging is compostable, look, it's lovely, they're so cute.  This is what they look like.  There's a link in the description.  If you wanna do it, you should do it now because you probably otherwise are gonna forget and then you're gonna be like, aw, dang it, I missed it!