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Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank Green checks out the new as I seem to do every time there is a new and there is one today, so here's what my front page of YouTube looks like right now and uh, you know, graphically, I think it's better.  I like the layout better, I'm going to close the ad here so we can get a little bit more screen real estate.  That is something you can do, by the way, a lot of people don't know that you can just close the ad and it'll go away.  And, obviously, this looks a lot more like Google+, um, than it ever has before, and it's offering me some channels I might want to subscribe to, I have no problem with that.  I'm not a huge fan of sort of like it defaulting to what to watch, though, apparently, it is recommending that I watch me, so that's good, but um, it's just strange, 'cause it pulls things out in weird orders and it bases it on some sort of mysterious unknown algorithm and um, and I've just been getting, like, because I watched DailyGrace on Vice, I'm just getting constant Vice things suggested for me.  Um, not that I have anything against Vice.  But um, so, uh, there are ways to just get to your subscriptions.  My favorite way is to go here, you click on the little down area bar and you go to My Subscriptions, right there, the subscriptions, and uh, and then you can see your subscriptions, as they are, and there is still no X button, which is something that we have been asking for, for a long time. But, um, here are my subscriptions, in order of my subscriptions. Um, and also this page is just more useful for me, I-I, I like it better. Um, but you ca- if you- if you are on the front page of YouTube, you can also go to My Subscriptions, and then, once it finish up- finishes up loading, uh, you can click on Uploads Only, so that you get rid of all of those non-uploady-things. So- All Activity being if someone commented on something or someone posted a status or something, um, which I'm not, I don't generally, like, that's not that's not why I'm on YouTube. Um, I, you know, I-I just don't feel like wh- I don't know. I don't feel like it's that kind of social situation but maybe it is for other people, but it is- I don't feel like it is for me. So I go to Uploads Only, you can, additionally, you can manage your subscriptions, um, I don't know if you can see that down here but there's a Manage Subscriptions button. Um, and then you can, uh, click on All and then you can say that I don't want, uh, to show All Activity, I want to show Uploads Only in Feed, and uh, this will then update that, and um, then, since I have uh, lots of pages of these, I would have to do it over and over again, but, uh, that is something that you can do, uh, to eliminate that second click. Um, or you can go straight to your subscriptions page here. Um, now, uh, let's see, what do I wanna watch? What do I wanna watch? Uh, let's watch Gorilla Sings, uh, I don't know if you guys know of Glove and Boots, but I'm a big Glove and Boots fan, uh, they're awesome, so check them out. Uh, it's sort of li- they're just vulgar puppets, you know. Nothing wrong with vulgar puppets. And, uh, so this is the new video watch page, this is also simplified, and I think it's cleaner graphically, um, you click on the Like button and things move around and the Share This Video thing comes up when you Like it, that's kinda cool. Um, and then you have, over here you have, your Guide, and your Guide is basically just the thing that was there on the front page, uh, but now it's here. Now, a weird- A thing that I do find weird is that if you stretch out to the side, it doesn't center, and I, like, that's just been a long time since I've been on a website that doesn't do that and now I'm not gonna be able to match this up with where it was before, but, um. Did something just pop up there? No? What happened? Oh yeah, it changed the orientation of those, uh, of th- of the sidebar videos. Clever HTML5, so smart. Um, so now I'm just pushing, what happens if I keep pushing? Nothing. That's, that's the minimum. That's the minimum, um, so, uh, if you click on this here, it will stretch out, that's nice, one thing I have noticed is if you pull out to the larger size then there's, like, this extra space, which you can't see because, um, capture and I'm not capturing the whole thing. I think you may know what I mean, but if you're at the, at the-the smaller width, it fits perfectly, but then if you're not then it doesn't, that seems like a glitch that they will probably fix, I don't- it's not worth talking about. Um, and then, so there it is, now you can see it. Um, it's, it just, it looks a little weird that it doesn't fill up the whole area. Um, and then uh, playlists look a little different, I don't know how to show you the playlists.
Puppet in video: Hello!
Hank: Hi! Um, I don't know if I go to, oh, there's a bunch of playlists over there. Why didn't I see that? Yes, playlists. Uh, Glove and Boots Get Shorty. Um, so, this is not what I was expecting to see, to be totally honest with you. Play All! That's what I need...still isn't what I was expecting to see. Maybe if I do this. Nope. I, uh, what's going o- Oh, I have to go to the small version.
Animated Gorilla in video: *roars*
Hank: Yes, sorry gorilla. Thank you. So there's the small version of the playlist player and there's the large version of the playlist player, so if you go to the the large version it sort of sucks up into here, and you can navigate the playlist like that, and then if you're in the small version, then it comes down, um, and you have this sort of sidebar-y thing. I like it, I like the design, um, but obviously the big- the big thing that everybody needs to know is, um, go to My Subscriptions, and, Uploads Only. And that's what you have to do. Actually, you can actually bookmark, and that will give you your subscriptions page. You can also just click on, uh, that, and that's! I think you don't need the variable there. Yeah, you don't. Um, so. Yes. Uh, this is- this is the-the new YouTube, I'm not sure, I mean the the upload page looks a little bit different but it functions exactly the same. Um, apparently you can create a photo slideshow on YouTube now, so that's a sort of a new idea. Um, oh, and it connects straight to Google+, uh, which is so useful, because, I mean, maybe if I had an Android phone. Um, and then you can do, you know, your live webcam capture or a Google+ Hangout from this page, which is nice, that's nice. Um, and uh, you can have your Facebook sharing all set up there, so that's a little bit different, but otherwise, um, you know, whe-when, when you're looking at What to Watch, that's not what- I was just gonna click on What to Watch, thank you, um, it's just a little bit strange to know that it, it's not showing you the things that you're subscribed to. Um, I'm sure that they, I mean, I think that in all, uh, website development, there is a battle between, uh, the power users who have figured out how to use the site that the wa- the way they want to use it, they've worked around the, you know,  all the little things, they figured out, like, on Tumblr you do this all the time, how people figure out how to do things that you're not really supposed to be able to do, but it's great once you figure out how to do it, and then Tumblr's like, 'Oh, we didn't even mean for you to be able to do that, but sure.' Um, and so, there's- there's a battle between the, like, developing for those people, who have, you know, like, a really intimate relationship with the site, an-an- or, developing for people who are, who you're trying to invite into the site to be new users, um, and to create a good experience for them. But, to me, it's not- it shouldn't be about one of those use- one of those user groups or another, it should be about creating a site that promotes great community, um, and, uh, and when I say 'community' I d- I don't mean like, 'Oh, look, I can see what my friend Liked,' um, because YouTube isn't about, YouTube isn't Facebook, you know? It's not about having- knowing what your friends are watching. YouTube is about, uh, you know, hubs and spokes, where you have these centralized areas, an- and if you are not creating new hubs, and if you're not, if you're not, like, consciously trying to do that, consciously trying to promote new, exciting creators, then YouTube is not doing its job, because that is the key to YouTube's success thus far, and in my opinion, Youtube's success in the future. And if you're only promoting current creators, and you're, like, you're only saying, like, 'This video had a lot of views, so promote that video,' of course you got a lot of views because that person has a large community. If you're not, uh, you know, if you're not pushing, uh, Glove and Boots, for example, or CourtneyPants, or, um, Songs to Wear Pants To, uh, or Sixty Symbols, I'm just going down my, you know, feed here and seeing the people that I, that I follow and I love their videos but they're still growing, um, then you, yeah, you're doing something wrong. And, uh, and so, I think it- I think we've yet to see, of course, how this redesign is going to affect those people, it feels a little bit like it's not going to be good, but I think that's just because it feels like it's not good for the power user. That doesn't mean that it's not good for the identification and discovery of new, awesome people on YouTube, which is really, I think, what, like that's, that's the on- like that's the most exciting thing for me about YouTube, is-is allowing people who are doing interesting things, who are creating interesting things, to become, uh, to be- to be recognized for the work that they do, and, to be able to do it, um, semi-professionally or even professionally. So, thank you for watching this episode of Hank, uh, Talks About YouTube and Looks at YouTube, I've got, uh, this is gonna be like three videos today, going online, so this one and then I'll have another one going up on hankschannel and then a Vlogbrothers video in the morning. So, you'll not see me and I'll not see you, but you will hear me next time I do a screencast of the new new YouTube layout which I'm sure will happen again, and we'll all hate it, 'cause that's what we do. Goodbye.