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Project for Awesome 2016:

Featuring Interviews with:

Lauren Fairweather

Kristina Horner

Hannah Witton

Kat Lazo

Laci Green

Paul Roth

Jackson Bird

Sabrina McMillin

News clips from:
“A guide to YouTube’s biggest sex scandals,” Aja Romano, Michelle Jaworski, Rae Votta. Daily Dot,

Adventures by A Himitsu
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The only sure-fire way to not make any progress is to ignore it and pretend that it's not there.

Everything's just gonna keep happening the way that it does and nobody's putting their foot down and making a stand. And, so, it is time to do that.

To be honest, I think that Uplift came out of those bad times because of its necessity. I want them to be everywhere! All sorts of conventions.

All the Comic Cons! The Geeky Cons! Nerdy Cons!

In less than five years, I want to see Uplift part of the programming here at VidCon, have their own panel! I think that it would be really awesome to see things like YouTube and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr, every platform have a relationship with this organization. Since I was like twelve years old, I've been part of online communities, and they've made me more confident - made me feel like I deserved better friends.

It is global! I'm on a global community where I fit in everywhere in the world! In the next five years, I would love to see Uplift become, like, the standard for online communities and when online communities get together IRL, like, whenever any of that is happening, there are these, like, policies in place that have been put together by Uplift and they're sort of like the gold standard that people know to go to.

Be involved, follow them on social media, keep up with what they're doing, and participate in ways that you can and if you are someone who can donate, that is always so important for small organizations that are starting out. They need those resources to be able to help all the rest of us.