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In which Hank goes through a lot of old stuff that he found in his house while moving. Nostalgia is weird...someday I'll be watch this video and feel nostalgic about feeling nostalgic...

My instagram is hankgreen, if you want to see those little John and Hank pictures :-)

Very excited about the new house...we will have more room for PROJECTS! And no, not small-human projects.

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Good morning, John.

That is the bookshelf that used to have all the stuff on it! So I went through all of the top shelves, but down here on the bottom is where, apparently, I've been keeping all of my memory stuff- all of the nostalgia. 

My high-school diploma, journals full of terrifying art, a family tree that I created in elementary school and no, John, you are not on this. 

Not sure who I hated.

Feel like that could probably go in the trash pile.

Pretty sure this is art by my friend Jeff. They're mock-ups for SimCity 2000 tiles. Gotta keep that.

Not gonna read you any of the writing.

Oh ho! But this: "pick up hockey NOT FOR THE WEAK!" There's fine print at the bottom of my flyer it says: "This is not a school-sponsored event, so if you die, your parents can't sue the school, OK?"

"Girls welcome" it says on the top.

OH!!! OH MARS ART! This is a city that lived on the rim of a crater well into the terraforming of Mars. Yeah.

Here's an alien that has 18-pack abs. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. 20-pack. 20-pack abs.

Lava-lamp creature of some kind.

This is a merman. Two sets of arms. Glad that I gave him two sets of pecs there so he would be more anatomically correct, also the whole 18-pack is going on there. I was into abs, apparently.
Oh! Here's- just excellent. Death is electrocuting some guys in a cave, and there's a dragon falling into the sun, and there's a mouth eating another mouth- oh yeah! Why not?

Well that's a little terrifying.

More of too many abs!

This person's hand is a plant!

Crater city! Oh yeah. You just- we domed that whole thing up. It's actually on the back of some homework.

They Might Be Giants fanart.

Oh excellent. This is ASCII art of the different manas in Magic: The Gathering. Had to- had to print that out!

Oh my god. I see these in my dreams sometimes and then I'm like: "I don't know how to get to that class!" AND I'M 34 YEARS OLD CAN I STOP HAVING THAT DREAM!!!

Oh hello there September 2nd, 1997 "Congratulations! You have been selected to be one of the Willy Wildcat personalities!"  I was a mascot in my high-school.

This entire binder is just notes from my friends. Some of these things are just beautiful, like, I wanna frame this.
This is what we did before there was Tumblr, you guys. Before you could text everybody all the time. It's a lost art! All I'm saying.

Do you guys still send notes? If you're in high-school- or did you, when you were in high-school? I would like to know.
This is every year of my life- it's a personal timeline: what I want to do every year of my life. What year is it now? It's 2014. 

"Find 5 new tropical fish."  
I assume that meant discover the species of tropical fish.  I did not achieve that, though I do have a fish tank, and so I find them at the fish store. 

"2018: find the Loch Ness Monster."
  So I've got some years to find the Loch Ness Monster.

"John Green, my big brother, age 14. Loves football and beating up little kids." -is what is says about my brother, John.


What the heck? This is a check! From John for $200. What the heck! I didn't deposit this check?!?! John's signature was totally different then.

Ah ha ha there's so much cool Brotherhood 2.0 art stuff. Oh wow!

I don't know where I got this, but it was clearly a handmade, like, plastic resin cassette-tape holder. And inside of it, I have a dollar bill that I have cut all of the darker parts out of. Why? Mwumuuahh!?

Here's me explaining to my mom how to use a pipette. 
Whoa! I didn't know I had so many pictures of me as a little kid!
There's me and John sleeping together on the couch. Haayheheee.
I'm gonna save these for some future Throwback Thursdays, so you better be following me on Instagram.

This big, white wall behind me is making me sad. It's a place that a lot of amazing things have happened to me in. I don't think I even mentioned that we are moving to a new house, but we are. We will be in the new house next week, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you and filling that place with as many awesome memories as we have had here.
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.