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This will probably be the only episode of my new show "Old questions I got from a Madison."
Hey!  What am I even doing here?  I don't have time for this.

Hi.  I was just--I went to the Dear Hank and John email address,, and I was like, you know, I wonder what questions people have asked that we haven't answered and particularly people who are named Madison, so I searched for the name Madison and I was like, how many questions have we gotten from Madisons over the years and I gotta say, John, also, this isn't a Vlogbrothers video, I gotta say, you, not John, a lot.  A lot.  We got about 139 emails containing the word Madison.  Now I'm not saying these are all Madisons, but a lot of them are, and so I want to answer some questions from Madisons.  

We've got one here from Madison and Madison says, "I'm a 6th grade teacher and I recently closed my hand in the cap of a pen or spray bottle for the whiteboard," that, you know, and closed it--has this happened to you ever before, when it comes on and it's got like a thing so that you can put it on and then it stays on and then it comes off and it stays off but there's that point where it's like (noise) and it does the boop part and if your hand is in there when it goes boop, there's that--that tension that makes sure that it boops in place and if your hand is in that place, it will go, hngg, I got ya and it says that, I got ya, and then you got ow, and Madison said, "Okay, so the pain's gone now but there's a little millimeter sized spot on my finger of--beneath the skin that I can see.  Is that gonna be there forever?"  Well, I don't know for sure, but I know that on my hand, it still is there, so I got one right here, let me focus on that, a little bit of focus, yeah, see, see that?  That looks like it's a freckle or maybe a splinter maybe.  No, that is the thing that happened to Madison but it happened to me and it's still there.  So Madison, it's not super conspicuous, I don't know if that's a word, it's not super not-su--it's pretty inconspicuous, good job Hank, but it's still there and I don't know, maybe, maybe it won't be there, maybe it's a temporary thing for you, but yeah, I got mine.  

I once got a similar thing when I was carrying a (?~2:27) in high school.  I whammed it wit my ankle and then suddenly there was like a thing, just a thing, not colorful but like, a lump, like a feelable lump, and that was there for a really long time, and then it wasn't anymore and I don't know when it stopped being there but there was a time when it was there and then a time when it wasn't.  I, uh, that's pretty much the extent--I think I have some other--I think that I got a splinter in my foot once and then I just left it there.  I don't see it on that foot.  It might be on the other one.  I've got two.  Yeah, look at that.  Yeah, I don't know, it seems that I have at least two of these somethings on the bottom of my foot.  Can we make this happen?  Who knows.  There's the bottom of my foot.  Now I gotta grab my zoom and look at that.  What--do you--so there's that dot and then there's another one near--up here--which you can't see that little one.  I think that those were things I stepped on and they have--they just like, I just left it.  Not the right call, but I just left those things in me and then instead of being splinters they just became colors.  I just, you know, a little more festive.  I wanted some decoration.  It's like a, you know, a little tattoo of my past experiences on the bottom of my foot.  That past experience being I walked somewhere without shoes.  I don't remember anything else about it. 

One time I had a splinter in my butt for like two weeks because I was ashamed to tell somebody about it.