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Sorry we've been MIA - Vacation is here and it is time for MUCH VIDEO GAME PLAYING!!!
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine play Super Mario Brothers U! It's just us, baby!

Katherine: Yeah! [singing] Just the two of us!

H: [singing] Just the two of us!

K: [singing] We can make it if we try!

H: Hey, ha, there's a castle in the sky. There's literally a castle in the sky. Right there. Sandcastles in the sky or something? Did I make that up?

K: I don't know, man.

H: Is that a different song?

K: (laughs)

H: (singing) Buildin' castles in the sky! Just the two of us! You and I.

K: Well I know that part, but I never--

H: Didn't know about the castle in the sky? Yeah. But we are onward and upward! And just the two of us now...

K: ...are on the rainbow path to glory.

H: (singing) On the rainbow path to glory!

K: (?)

H: I have to sing! Alright. Here, gimme the coins. Yeah.


H: Yeah, oh what it bounced over me? That's terrible!

K: Yeeaaoohh, god, I only get the red ones.

H: (laughs) Well, I'm not helping.

K: (screams)

H: Oh. Okay. Oh come on!

K: Aw, man!

H: We are terrible!

K: (screams)

H: Aaaah! Yeah, good job, baby. Yeah! Awww, I don't know, I don't think we got it. I don't think we got it man. Oh...

K: Woo!

H: ...we did, we got two!

K: Two whole lives, you guys!

H: Yeah, man!

K: A whole two. That microphone is too heavy for the microphone stand.

H: I'M AWARE! I'm trying to--

K: It's drooping.

H: --trying to tighten it up. It's drooping. It's just very slowly, very slowly going down. Ok so we don't want to play this again.

K: Oh rainbow path to glory!

H: All the rainbow path to glory... to the Boo House. The rain cloud spitting spirit house.