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Our coverage of the campaigns' healthcare plans:

This week's questions:
3:04 Is there a way, within the current American health care system, to disallow or prohibit the system of networks so that patients can go where they want rather than being constrained?
5:26 You've spoken before on how physicians, despite evidence, are slow to change their behaviour towards best practises. Have there been studies done to determine how best to change that behaviour? Follow up: would checklists be a good stand in to make sure doctors don't miss steps / bypass best practises?
7:23 What do you expect the future of healthcare and healthcare policy to look like for the next 4 - 8 years?
10:20 I've heard that men experience vasovagal fainting more than women. Is there any evidence to that or is it just something the nurses say to make guys feel better?
12:27 Do soda taxes lead to long term positive health outcomes for populations?
12:46 Question: Open enrollment is now and plan on having a family next year. What should I look for? Is out of pocket max the only thing?
14:01 Why is it so hard for some women to lose weight while breastfeeding? The "weight just melted away!" stories drive me crazy when I have to fight tooth and nail for every half pound.
15:16 What are some ways you would recommend to fix and improve medicare?
16:56 Are there any proven benefits of a baby/infant/child seeing a pediatrician over a regular family doctor? I ask because my wife and I are in the hospital about to give birth.
17:48 Do you agree with animal testing in medical science or would you rather see other, less cruel methods?
19:05 What does listening to me breathe deeply through a stethoscope really do?
20:01 Is there any truth to "cheat days" part of diets where you can eat everything you want, as much as you want, once a week, having a positive effect on weight loss efforts? Think The Rock's cheat day.
21:21 My pediatrician won't do allergy testing for my 2 year old, he said to do elimination diets instead. Is that better? Should I find a new pediatrician?
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