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In which Hank and John are in the same place and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. We're in North Carolina visiting our parents for Thanksgiving and decided to spend some time answering your questions.

As you might expect, we are thankful for each other and our families and all of you. - $3 shipping no matter what you order or where you live! - the creator of the epic comic sans song.
Hank: Good morning John!
John: Good morning Hank, it's Friday!
H: Question Friday, the day that we answer real questions --
J: -- from real Nerdfighters, lets get right to it!
H: How many times have you read The Fault in Our Stars
J: Have I? I don't know, I mean how many times have I read the finished book?
H: Yeah.
J: The -- The one that's out in hardcover?
H: Yeah that one.
J: Zero. 
H: (laughs)
J: Why would I read it? There's lots of other books that other people wrote that I could read, that I don't remember. How many times have you read it?
H: Twice. I read it once before it came out and once after it came out. 
J: Thanks for reading it twice. 

H: What's your favorite book series at the moment?
J: My favorite book series is always going to be Harry Potter. I like Divergent a lot though. 

H: Which one of you would win in an arm-wrestling match? 
(footage cut in from Hankschannel video "Hank and John Arm Wrestling WHO WILL WIN!") 
H: (slightly strained) this is going to make for a bad video!
[both laugh]
J: (whilst laughing) Oh I am gonna lose! Ooohh [loses arm wrestle] I mean, I could have kept going but I was laughing so hard!
H: (whilst laughing) Yeah, uh-huh. I won with my wit!
(cut-in footage ends) 

J: Did you, Hank, ever cry to one of John's books? 
H: Yes. I looked at it and I cried to it. 
J: (laughs) I also have cried to one of John's books.

J: If you got to give each other catchphrases, what would they be?
J: Yours would actually be "fartfartfart."

J: How do you like your eggs?
H: I like them...
(at the same time)
H: Inside of a biscuit.
J: Scrambled.

J: Can you please show us some family photos from when you two were younger? 
H:  It's funny that you should ask, cause we're in the room that has the photo album. 
J: I don't know if I want people to see this. 
H: (off-camera) (strained lifting noise)
That's pretty cute, you're giving me a little bear hug. 
J: Which one of you is hotter?
H: We'll have to have a poll, like we're not objectively able to- to de-
J: Oh, oh great. Yeah that's perfect, that's just what I've always needed, is a poll to determine whether I'm hotter than my brother. (1:24)

H: Lysh asks: Dance montage? 
Background music: Comic Sans is the best font in the world! 
(Hank and John dance sitting down)

H: Do you have pizza on Thanksgiving? 
J: No. We have turkey, yeah. 
H: We have normal Thanksgiving. 
J: Maybe someday we'll have turkey pizza. 

H: Favorite kind of pie? 
J: Pumpkin. 
H: Pumpkin, also. There's a problem, because there's only one pumpkin pie. 
J: Is there?
H: This Thanksgiving. 
J: Ohhh... Almost like the Hunger Games. 
H: (laughs) 
J: In that one of us is gonna be hungry, and the other of us is gonna be dead. 

H: If John was a turkey, and he was the last turkey on earth, would you eat him for Thanksgiving? ...No.
J: (starts laughing) 
H: I mean are there other foods available, could I have a ham?
J: (continues laughing) 
H: But also if John were a turkey, I probably wouldn't think very highly of you. 
J: (still laughing) I'm just amused by the idea that anyone, no matter who the turkey was, would eat the last turkey on earth for Thanksgiving. 
H: (laughs too)
J: "There's only one turkey left, and it is Thanksgiving!" (2:11)
H: (continues laughing) It's like if we found the last ever Billed Woodpecker, and it'd just be like "Well, who's gonna get to eat this?" 
J: (laughs harder) 

H: Could you do drawings of one another?
J: Yeah. 
H: I did mine. (shows picture) It's sparkle-pen... paper. (shows to John) What do you think? 
J: Uhmmm... Yeah, I've always wanted a Hanklerfish earring. (shows his own picture) I drew Hank as well. Um, I drew him as a beaver playing the guitar. (2:29)

H: What's the worst kind of candy? I think the worst kind of candy is probably a candy that none of us have ever heard of, because the person who created it was like, "Well, that clearly is poo." 
J: One time, ah, I went to a contemporary art performance, at which the artist, who was Chinese, handed out hard candy that tasted like crabs. (2:46)
H: (laughs very hard)
J: And that, was very bad candy. 
H: This person just says "B A D  J O K E S" 
J: I'd tell you a physics joke, but you'd probably find it bohr-ing.
H: You know jokes about Dorian Gray? They never get old.

H: Is doing anything for Black Friday? 
J: ARE WE? Heck yes! There is $3 shipping on all orders, no matter how much you order you will get it for just three dollar shipping. 
H: Even international.
J: What?!
H: If you have friends or family who are looking for Christmas presents for you, maybe there's something you wanna let them know about.

H: How do you make a really good Project for Awesome video. 
J: The key to a good Project for Awesome video is not just like sitting in front of a camera and talking about why a charity is important to you, but actually showing it at work. 
H: And also consider the fact that you're basically pitching a charity. You have to let people know why this is important, why it's a big deal, why it's important to you personally. 
J: Yeah, the best Project for Awesome videos are also videos that the charities themselves can then use in their own outreach to their donors. 
H: Yeah. We love it when that happens, and we hope that it happens a lot this year.

H: Have y'all always been really close? 
J: No, I mean we've always liked each other though. 
H: Mmm...
J: (laughs)
H: Thank you for watching!
J: Best wishes. 
H: DFTBA John, I'll see you on Tuesday. 
J: Bye. 
(awkwardly flail at each other)