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In which Hank explores uncontrolled excitement, where it comes from, how it feels, and how it is just WONDERFUL. This experience is universal, but I think we tamp it down inside ourselves after a certain age. Yes, the world is complicated. Yes there are bad things in it. Yes, if you're totally emotionally open to good stuff, that means your totally emotionally open to bad stuff. But none of that should prevent us from loving the things we love.

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Hank: Good morning John!

I am still excited about Pizzamas, this is all very exciting except for your mustache, which is not exciting at all. But you know who I'm not as excited as? This guy:

Train Guy: "Oh my god! (screaming)"

Hank: I consider myself to be something of an expert in the genre’s of viral videos. There's, there's lots of them: there's epic cutes, and epic wins, epic fails, epic weirds. But for me, as a viewer, the most pure and rewarding kind of viral video is the epic excitement. Beautiful, unabashed, uncontrolled excitement. It's such a wonderful feeling that just watching other people have it makes me feel wonderful. And John, today, I want to be stupid excited about the very idea of excitement. Meta!

We're gonna start out with Rachael Nedrow, whose voice you may have heard in a couple of Skrillex songs. Among many other things in what I'm sure is a full and complete life, Rachael has competitively stacked cups. I'm not sure how difficult this is, I'm not sure amazing it is, it certainly looks amazing and impressive. But her reaction is the thing I'm here for:

Rachael: "Yes! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"

Hank: Auhhh! Now let's look at the video we started this video with, this guy loves trains:

Train Guy: "I've been waiting for this moment for months and it's finally here. Look at that, a 1953 EA. Woohoo! (train horn) Oh my god! (screaming) Listen to that horn!"

That horn! Next, we have Aleksander Gamme, who is hiking across the Antarctic. When you're doing this, so you don't have to carry your supplies the whole way, you leave some of your supplies in caches along the way, so you can pick them up on the way back. And in his final cache, after surviving on what I assume is not the tastiest food in the world, he discovers that he has left some treats.

Aleksander: "Yah! Yaah! Yaaah!"

Hank: I mean, he put those cheese doodles there didn't, he know what to expect? I guess he forgot and it was just the most surprising bag of cheese doodles of all time!

And surprise seems to be a part of it, not knowing what the outcome is and then finding indeed that there is more. For example, there was another historic engine on the back of that other engine and the guy got even more excited:

Train Guy: "Oh no! It's a BL2 too! Ah! Ah! Ah! The SNC 52"

Hank: Sometimes it's amazing to see people get excited about things that you just don't understand why they're so excited but yes, yes, I feel it too! Other times you're right there with that person, like I'm willing to bet there are a lot of people who wish they might be able to like grow up and become Luke Skywalker, but actually becoming a hero in the Star Wars saga not something that happens to very many people. But thanks to some foresight, and the internet, we get to be there with John Boyega as he sees the Star Wars teaser trailer and the part that he plays in it:

John: "Woah oh oh! Oh oh oh! What?! What?!"

Hank: Yess! Finally, this list would not be complete without the most famous internet excited guy of all time, Yosemitebear, as he comes across a double rainbow that had become, through the magic of the internet and the work of the Gregory brothers, legendary.

Yosemitebear: "Double rainbow all the way across the sky! It's so intense."

Hank: Sometimes it feels like the only moment when it's culturally acceptable to feel that kind of uncontrolled excitement is in sporting events. And I'm not really into sports. For me, the last time I felt like that level of excitement and just couldn't control myself was in 2012 when the Curiosity Rover definitely was safe on the surface of Mars.

What I realized though, watching these clips, it that there is so much to be excited about. These people are open to the beauty and amazingness of nature and of human accomplishment, and of their own accomplishments.

And they're kind of my heroes. I wanna be more like them. It's kind of funny, but I feel like it requires work, to say to myself 'Don't shut it down, Love things, by yourself or with others and without fear.'

These videos for me are a master class in being open to the wondrousness of nature and of the human condition and of the self.

So I put them in a playlist in the description below, you can click on it and watch all of them, and it's just wonderful thing to do. John, I'll see you tomorrow.


I'm freaking my dog out.

Hank Impersonating Lemon: "Why are you screaming, dad?"

I need to make a video, and I'm going to scream, during it, so just lay down and just assume that I'm doing human things that are weird.