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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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Lizzie Bennet - Ashley Clements -
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Darcy: So I just start talking?

Lizzie (off screen): Pretty much. 

Darcy: Is there a specific topic or--

Lizzie: (interrupts) You're the one who wanted to hijack my video today.

Darcy: Fair point. Hello everyone. Um, well, as you might surmise from Lizzie's last videos, she and I have begun a relationship. It has been six days now and--

Lizzie: (interrupts) It's been a week.

Darcy: No, it's been six days, I have it in my calendar. 

Lizzie (enters frame): It's been a week. We kissed on my birthday, one week ago. Kissing you marks the inception of our relationship. 

Darcy: Yes, but that was in the evening. It wasn't a full day. 

Lizzie: Partial days count. We're rounding up. So it's been a week. 

Darcy: Fine. It has been a week now. And it has been without a doubt, the best week of my life. My name is William Darcy and... Lizzie Bennet is amazing.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: You know I'm just teasing you, right? About the week versus six days. 

Darcy: I know. I've been learning. Slowly. Eat enough dinners in the Bennet household and you learn plenty about being teased. 

Lizzie: That just means my dad likes you. He did invite you to see his trains. 

Darcy: Still, had I known about the casual nature of social interaction in the Bennet family, I might have better understood what I was doing wrong. 

Lizzie: You didn't do anything wrong. 

Darcy: I believe you typify our first meeting as "the most awkward dance ever."

Lizzie: Oh yeah. That was really bad. 

Darcy: Not my finest hour. 

Lizzie: But you didn't want to like me then. You wanted to take Bing and get the hell out of Dodge. 

Darcy: Well, my mind changed soon enough. 

Lizzie: When?

Darcy: When?

Lizzie: When did you change your mind about me?

Darcy: I haven't a clue. I honestly don't remember when. I don't think there was one specific moment. I was in the middle before I knew that I'd begun. And what about you? When did you discover your feelings had changed. 

Lizzie: Oh, I think. The moment I saw the offices at Pemberley Digital. You should know, those napping pods? Women swoon. [laughs] No, like you, it happened gradually, until, one day, things were just... [leans in to kiss him. Camera cuts]

Darcy: We should probably change the topic. 

Lizzie: Good plan. 

Darcy: Well, I've been thinking about the future.
Lizzie: Well, there's a mood changer. 

Darcy: As wonderful as this week has been, I can only telecommute for so long before my investors start to think I'm neglecting my responsibilities for my own personal indulgences. 

Lizzie: Which technically, you are.

Darcy: Point being, I need to get back soon. And I know you need to finish up your degree, which according to my calendar, will be in about the next six weeks time. 

Lizzie: Which terrifies me in no way whatsoever. 

Darcy: Well, I was thinking it might terrify you less if you had a job lined up. Say, at Pemberley Digital.

Lizzie: Oh. Wow.

Darcy: I would set up an entire department around you, you could have access to state-of-the-art equipment, not to mention you'd be in San Francisco with me. What do you say?

Lizzie: [Pause] No...

Darcy: Is this one of those times when you're teasing me? I cannot tell.

Lizzie: I don't want to work at Pemberley Digital, as amazing as it is. I... I want to be with you. But I don't want to be the girl who dates the boss. Does that make sense?

Darcy: Yes. [Pause] Well, what do you think you will do when you graduate?

Lizzie: Ha, yeah, funny thing... when you have a video diary that gets millions of views, it attracts the attention of several people who run digital media companies.

Darcy: Oh, so you want to work for my competitors.

Lizzie: Actually, I was thinking of becoming one of your competitors. Since I wrote about the Diaries as a start-up for my final independent study, I have the business plan in place and since I mentioned that project on the internet, I've been getting messages from potential investors.

Darcy: I might know some investors, too.

Lizzie: I was also thinking that, um, if I'm going to be starting my own company that . . . San Francisco might be a great place to do it. Optimal, even.

Darcy: I think I'm warming up to this vision of the future.

Lizzie: Well, be aware that my vision of the future includes lots of trips home, and visits from Lydia. I'm really enjoying getting to know my little sister better.

Darcy: Of course. I should apologize for anything I ever said about her.

Lizzie: You don't think she's energetic?

Darcy: No, she is. But, then again, so is Gigi. Just took a while for me to see the similarities. To see anything other than my first impression.

Lizzie: So... sound like a good future?

Darcy: I think it will do nicely. But right now, we need to worry about the present. [checks pocket watch] I made a reservation for our one-week anniversary.

Lizzie: I thought you said it was six days.

Darcy: My Aunt Catherine is in town. I thought it might be nice to get dinner with her. I think she and your mother would get along well.

Lizzie: Ha ha. Very funny. But I can tell when you're teasing. [Pause] You're-you're teasing, right? Right?

Darcy: We have to go.

[outro plays]