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Charlie & Jimmy


-Rode Broadcaster Microphone
-Rode PSA1 Microphone Arms
Charlie: Hello, I'm Charlie.

Jimmy: And I'm Jimmy. And we are sat right in the middle of Cereal Time!

C: This is our YouTube breakfast show here for you every single weekday morning to wake you up and make you laugh over your cornflakes.

J: Yeah, and this is our Patreon page. It's nice, isn't it?

C: Mmm, fancy. In case you don't know, Patreon's pretty cool. It's a little bit like Kickstarter and it lets you help us to make sure this show happens.

J: Yeah, but instead of chipping in for one big project it lets you make monthly donations so that we can continue to make regular content every single weekday.

C: Right now we basically have a pot of money that we're using to make Cereal Time but that won't last forever so we need your assistance.

J: Yeah, we need your help, guys. Adverts do give us a little bit of money but it's nowhere near enough.

C: We need to pay for Producer Josh.

J: Yeah, we've got to pay for Josh, we've got to rent the studio, we've got to pay for stuff like camera, lights, that thing down there with wires coming out of it, I don't know what that is.

C: And little things as well like graphics and very important and necessary props.

J: I can't imagine what the show would be like without all this stuff.

(Charlie and Jimmy sing intro with drilling noises)

J: Hello. Welcome to Cereal Time. What are we doing today?

C: We didn't have enough time to plan anything, so...

(Both sing outro)

C: So if you are able to give us a little bit of money, or even a lot, every single month then you will be helping us to make sure that that version of Cereal Time never happens.

J: Look, we want to make this show bigger and better for you guys by getting more people involved so that we can make more stuff.

C: Yeah, we want to go to fun locations, we want to get cool, interesting people on the show, we want to do all of it.

J: If you can't afford to pledge or if you simply don't want to then that is absolutely fine, we get it. But if you can donate then that would be great and we will love you forever.

C: We've also come up with lots of lovely little perks that you can find down below so do check those out, it's our way of saying thank you.

J: We love our weird, brilliant little Cereal Time family.

C: And we want to make sure we stay here for you every single weekday morning and continue to brighten your day. So thank you very much.

J: Thank you.