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Interesting facts about science, math, and much more comprise this episode of The List Show. You’ll learn fun 2022 facts about archeological discoveries and the world of entertainment. You'll glean insights from cutting-edge research in a number of fields as Erin (@erincmccarthy) lays out 100 interesting facts we learned this year.

You'll learn who won the Kids' Mullet Championships, why it's a big deal that AI can predict protein structures, and much, much more. In case you forgot, The List Show is a trivia-tastic, fact-filled show for curious people. Subscribe here for new Mental Floss episodes every Wednesday:

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Central Perk (Getty Images)
Central Perk quote (Mario Tama)
Chiptole Chips (Joe Raedle)
Taco bell (Sopa Images)
Pizza delivery (KONTROLAB)
Eiffel Tower antenna (Chesnot)
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Go Kart (Edgardo Contreras)
Paper airplane (Heidi Benser)
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Prince (Jonathan Daniel)
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DeLorean Car (Timothy Norris)
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US Map (Chris Maertz / EyeEm)
Overhead of Town (Edwin Remsberg)
Dollar Sign (Daniel Grizelj)
Finnish Flag (Vladimir Feofanov / EyeEm)
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Switzerland (EThamPhoto)
Horses (narvikk)
Office Typing (Jay Yuno)
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Swimming (J.A. Bracchi)
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Books (LAW Ho Ming)
Whitby Abbey (Paul Husband)
Austen quote (duncan1890)
Persuasion (Martin Prescott)
Haworth (Alphotographic)
Haworth2 (Vesna Armstrong)
Dickens letter (Viktorya Shuvalava / EyeEm)
Henry VIII (Fine Art)
Charles III (Chris Jackson)
PTO (Westend61)
Vocational school (BartCo)
Textiles (Jason Dean)
Loch ness (Matt84)
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