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[music] Hello, Hawaii!

I hear you want to vote! This is great news, but first, you've got to register.

There's a link below to where you can check if you're already registered, but if you're not, or if you've moved since the last time you voted, you'lre already on the same website where you can register online, as long as you have a valid Hawaii driver's license or state ID. If you don't have one of those IDs, there's a separate form in the description that you'll have to print, fill out, and mail in to get registered. Either way you choose to register, you've got to do it by October 9th.

But don't worry if you miss that deadline- you can still register in person at your polling location, whether you vote early or on election day. There's a link in the description to find an early voting location in your county. Once you've registered, you have a few different options for how to vote.

If you would rather vote from the comfort of your own home, you have until October 30th to apply to vote by mail. You can apply using that same website you used to register online, or you can print and mail an application using the link below. As long as you apply by the deadline, your ballot will show up in the mail.

All you have to do is fill it out at your own pace, and send it back in before the November 6th election day. If you're applying to vote by mail, there's even an option to sign up tp automatically receive an absentee ballot for every election, so you don't even have to think about it. They'll just mail you a ballot every time you're eligible to vote.

You can also vote early in person starting on October 23rd until November 3rd at an early voting location in your county. There's a link where you can find the early voting locations and times for your county below. On November 6th, polls are open from 7am ot 6pm.

You can figure out where to go vote using the link in the description. If this is your first time voting in Hawaii and you didn't provide a form of ID when you registered, you will be asked to show an ID at the polls. They'll accept any valid photo ID, or a bank statement, utility bill, or paycheck with your name and current address on it.

You can also log in to the voter registration website or call your local County Clerk's office to get a sample ballot. It will tell you everything you'll be able to vote for in the midterms. You don't have to vote on every single thing on the ballot for it to count, but all of those local elections are pretty important, so if you want to do some research on the candidates ahead of time, it's a pretty good idea to look at a sample ballot first.

You can even fill it out and bring it with you to the polls, so you can remember how you want to vote. One last thing: if you're going to vote- open up your notes app or grab a pen and paper and make a plan. Write down when and how you're going to register, what time you're gonna vote, how you're gonna get there, what ID you're gonna use, even who you're gonna bring with you to the polls.

Having a plan is a great way to make sure that nothing unexpected stops you from voting on November 6th. There will be links for everything you need to check your registration, vote early, and find your polling location in the description. Thank you for voting. [music]