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You can still give here!
Thank you all for being a part of this cool thing. It's so much freaking fun, and also very good.

Thank you to YouTube for their $25,000 match as part of the Creators for Change program

And thank you to all of these people for adding to our matching fund as well:
**First half**

/Matching to STC/
Generous community member
Anna Ulmer
Generous Save the Children Donor (this is the $400k)

/Matching to PIH/
Generous community member
Generous Partners in Health Donor (this is the $400k)

/Matching to both PIH & STC/
YouTube $25,000k
Jasmine J
Danny and Dori
Sarah M
Generous community member
Alec W
John and Hank

**Second half**
Matthew and Jess Bensley
The Westberg Family
Scott and Kristin
Sarah M
Elizabeth White
Tracey and Jason Gessner
David and Annie from London
Mike Tsiang
Generous Community Members
Anna Ulmer
Kristin Damian

Jason Kurtz

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John: Happy Project for Awesome! 
Hank: Wooooooooo!! 
John: Ba-ohh 
Hank: That was disappointing. 
John: Don’t worry. I’ve got more, Hank. I’ve got more confetti! 
Hank: A little one. 
John: Pa-pow! Oh, it’s the most magical time of the year.

Phil: The only way to go from here is down.

Ettore: I’m one of many Save the Children employees here, and we have a final parting message. Stand by for that.

Save the Children Staff: Don’t forget to be awesome!

Emily: This isn’t—this isn’t my first rodeo on the Project for Awesome livestream.

Sherrie: Doesn’t he look beautiful today?

Big Bird: We all could stand to be a little kinder, don’t you think?

Sherrie: Project for Awesome is such an awesome idea—

Big Bird: Oh, don’t forget to be awesome!

Sherrie: Exactly! 
Hank: Take a screenshot. It’ll last longer.

Lindsey: Oh my gosh, it’s so cold! 
John: People are calling me Glitter Beard—oh, it’s ‘cause you want me to put glitter in my beard.

Rhett: Once you fall in love with the em dash—good, woah, buddy—

Link: Good woah buddy

Tessa: We've already passed $315,000! What!

Hank: How are we all going to die, Phil?

Patrick: You’re not better than Times New Roman.

Grace & Mamrie: 1, 2, 3 candle! OHHH MY GOD!!!

Grace: Prove Hank wrong!

Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah: Prove Hank wrong!   Hank: Well, John just arrived in the chat, so now everybody’s really excited, and—

Gabby: Wait, you know John Green?

Nathan [doing an impression of Obama]: We’re gonna be here, in Trump’s America, we gotta do a couple things.

Sabrina [rapping like Hamilton]: How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower?

Mamrie: Does it hurt?

[dance break]

(1:40) Gideon: [singing] I want to say a big thank you from me for buying my CD so very nice of you I love you.
Hank: Okay, going up on my forehead, Kendall. My kerning was a little off there, Alex.

Lex: Is everyone happy with their kitty time?

Destin: Josh, you are, you are the McCall.

John [reading a question]: So what do you think of Mars?  John: I think it is a cold, dead rock in the middle of the ocean.

Charlie: As many bread demon emojis as you can in the chat. That will be helpful.

Charlie, Emily, Rosianna: The power of bread compels you!

John: Oh, Hank, you put up Cheez Doodles Guy! YAAAAASSS!!!

John: YAAAAASSS!!!   Hank: YES!

Team SciShow: Woo! 
Hank: And it's been a fantastic Project for Awesome. I’m so proud of this community.

I’m back! Thanks for our fabulous tenth ever Project for Awesome. Had a great time.

My mind is still a little bit hungover from it. Also, just coming back! I'm—I’m so glad that that’s how I came back. To the Project for Awesome, to Nerdfighteria working together to raise over two million dollars. It’s still going on, by the way, if you wanna get one of those last-minute perks, if you watch this within the first twelve hours of it being up, you can go to and get some stuff.

Obviously thanks to everybody who helped make this happen, everybody who donated, everybody who shared it, everybody who voted on videos, everybody who made videos, all of the volunteers who put it all together, all of the people who joined us in the livestream.

Going away for the last six weeks has been really weird. I’ve never done it before, never left this channel in almost ten years of making videos. And it was a really weird time to do that. I’m really used to, like, when something in the world is going on that I want to talk about, just talking about it, and it was interesting to take a break from that during a moment in which everyone really wanted to say some things. I think it really changed me, and I’m really interested to see how that manifests as I get back into making videos and get a chance to say some of the things I’ve been thinking about.

We got many more larger donations this year, so I’m gonna thank a bunch of those people in the description. We also got a $25,000 matching donation from YouTube as part of their new Creators for Change project, which I will link to in the description. Basically, YouTube is reaching out with money to a bunch of different YouTube creators who are dealing with social issues on their channels. Creators who are promoting awareness, tolerance, and empathy with the kind of content that they make. It’s a really cool program. Link in the description.

John, thanks so much for doing this with me. Everybody, thank you for your support of the Project for Awesome. if you want to get those last-minute perks. John, I’ll see you on Monday.