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Today we're so excited to announce the free Crash Course App! (Available now for Apple and Android phones and tablets.) The app is a portal to find all of our thousands of videos and a platform to help you review what you've learned in those videos. At the heart of the app are decks which are essentially really beautiful flashcards that transform into multiple choice questions in quiz mode. The app currently supports decks for all episodes of Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry, and we'll be continually adding more content. So please download the app and let us know what you think!

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John Green here. So at Crash Course we have spent over 8 years teaching you everything from Engineering and.

Computer Science to Psychology, Economics, Astronomy, and of course History. And we hope that those videos will not just help you pass tests, but better understand yourselves and your place in the universe. And we're pretty happy in our little corner of the Internet, with our 10-15 minute educational videos, but also we're always looking for ways to expand Crash Course's mission which is to bring free educational content to people everywhere.

And that's why today I am so excited to announce that we are launching the Crash Course App! It's available for download right now in your app store of choice. And it's free!

The Crash Course App is a portal for finding and watching all 1200 of our videos, but we've also been working on some extra materials to help you learn better from those videos. At the heart of the app are decks - which are essentially flashcards - but not just any flashcards, they're the world's most beautiful flashcards, illustrated by our friends at Thought Cafe. We've brought back our expert consultants and writers from previous series to point out what they think are the most critical pieces of information in each of our videos so that right after you've finished watching one you can check what you've learned.

And if you're studying and want even MORE practice than that, or if you want some sweet dopamine boosts from answering trivia questions correctly, we also made a quiz mode. In quiz mode, our flashcards turn into multiple-choice questions, each with a large pool of answers that our consultants have written. Now, making and writing these decks takes a lot of time and resources.

So we're starting off small with just a few courses. Decks for every episode of Crash Course Chemistry and Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology are now available, and we'll be releasing decks for Crash Course Organic Chemistry with each new episode. Also, as a bonus for you Organic Chemistry fans, we'll be including a ton of new content to help you practice the reactions you've learned.

And I will be practicing those reactions with you because I know nothing about Organic Chemistry but I'm going to try to learn through Crash Course and through the app. I'm pretty excited actually. So like I said Here at Crash Course, our mission is to provide free educational content for everyone, and this app extends that mission because it is all completely free.

Really. If you like the app and find it helpful, you can make donations through it, but you don't have to. 100% of the content is free. This App has been a big scary project for us, but we hope it's the start of a new way to learn with Crash Course.

And it really is just the start. We'll be continually adding new decks to the App and hopefully… maybe… eventually... adding other fun ways to help you learn. Let's just say we believe 2020 needs a new Oregon Trail.

The game, that is. In real life, I find cars to be significantly more effective than covered wagons. Also, I don't want to die of dysentery.

But for now we're starting with the Crash Course App. So if you have a phone or tablet, please download the app - which is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and Apple devices at the App Store - and let us know what you think . Thanks as always for learning and experimenting with us and as they say in my hometown: don't forget to be awesome.