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We used to do this all the time and it's such a fun format...I usually can't answer them all, but this time I feel like I got lucky.

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Good morning John, thanks for joining me in our brand new format, which I'm sure we will bring back again. But today, instead of that, I'm back in the old space and I'm gonna do an old format. This one is the one where you ask Google what questions people have been asking by starting to ask it a question and not finish. Good ol' Google auto complete:

"why is there an egg shortage."

Well, broadly, it is because we build many systems for efficiency rather than resilience. If you wanna make a lot of eggs really cheap, you gotta have one very big room with a whole lotta chickens in it. But that's also a fantastic circumstance for the transmission of disease, like bird flu. In order to control diseases, farmers have to kill all the birds in a facility when one bird gets bird flu. and then disinfect the whole place. Over 60 million birds have been killed in the current bird flu outbreak and that decreases the number of eggs on the market while demands stays roughly the same. $5 for a dozen of eggs is a lot of money compared to what wer were spending this time last year. But a $1.33 for a dozen eggs which is what we were spending this time last year is a price, that some would argue, should be a little bit higher to allow for more resiliency in that system.

"why is the sky blue"

The white light that comes from the Sun is made of a bunch of different wavelengths that all look different colors to us. The gases in our atmosphere are good at scattering blue wavelengths out of the white light, so the Sun with the blue taken out looks a little bit yellow while the sky with a blue scattering around looks like blue. But as I have said before, the sky doesn't exist. It's just an illusion, a kind of one-colored rainbow.

"why is my poop green"

Could be a lot of different things. Uh, probably something you ate. Either it's a bunch of green vegetable stuff or green food coloring or maybe some antibiotics or different medications will turn your poop green. If it's accompanies by diarrhea or other symptoms that have been going on for multiple days, go see a doctor. I'm not a doctor and neither is the Internet.

"why is my eye twitching"

I don't know, same though. Maybe it's because of the this. We don't actually know why eyes twitched, though it's definitely correlated with fatigue and stress and if you don't have one or the other or both of those, well done! I'm just, I'm loving that for you. I'm not, I'm fine.

"why is the flag at half mast"

In the U.S., and probably other places, definitely Canada now that I found this clip. When mourning something, we often put the flag only halfway up. This is sometimes because of like big nation tragedies that are in the news, but it's also often because of the death of a member of the government or some public servant and it varies from state to state. FlagExpress, which sells flags, keeps track of this on their website. So you can always know if you want to.

"why is my poop black"

This is significantly more concerning and less common than green poop. You should probably see a doctor immediately. It could be because you're bleeding somewhere in your GI Tract. 

"why is it called black Friday"

Well, at the moment, I'm thinking it has something to do with poop, but I know that that can't be right so I'll look it up I guess. I looked it up, and I'm gonna be honest with you, it's boring. It's, like, "oh there's a lot of traffic on the day after Thanksgiving, on the roads. People didn't like that."

"why is jj watt retiring" 

I don't know man, that sounds like a pretty personal question.

"why is diesel so expensive"

Well it's taxed a little bit higher so that makes it a little bit more expensive. Also recently, we started to require, in the U.S., low sulfur diesel because of the human health consequences of having all that sulfur in the air. But the biggest reason is that when you have a barrel of crude oil, the part that can get turned into gasoline is fairly big and it's more flexible. That part can be used for a buncha different stuff that's like high-value and low-value and you can sorta mix up the market based on what's most needed and most expensive. While the part that can get turned into diesel is smaller and the stuff it can get turned into is more valuable than diesel, like jet fuel. So there's just more higher value demand for the diesel fraction of the crude, which drives up the price. And our final question in the Google auto complete list:

"why is my dog shaking"

And gosh I don't know. That, that sounds scary. I'm sorry about your dog. It could be stress, anxiety, nervousness, cold, excitement. But if this is a new thing and you're worried about it, again, I'm not a doctor of animals or people. So maybe you should go see the vet.

John, after 16 years, I still love making videos with you. Why is this so much fun? I don't know, but I like it and I'll see you on Tuesday.