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1:04 - What's your opinion on essure the non-surgical sterilisation for women?
2:28 - What research is there on effectiveness of immunotherapy for environmental allergies? Do you have any interesting findings?
3:45 - In the recent documentary "That Sugar Film" it is claimed that a high sugar diet is associated with mental fogginess and bad mood. Is there any evidence to support this?
4:58 - I was told that hot steam from the shower holds chlorine, and that it can be bad for your lungs. Is there any real danger in that?
6:07 - What does the research say about thirdhand smoke? While not a smoker myself, I've known smokers who have been told they must quit smoking altogether in order to hold or interact with a newborn baby.
8:19 - What do you think of open access medical journals like plos-one?
9:46 - I was recently diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer. I'm due to have a complete thyroidectomy . I was curious why it is standard procedure to remove the entire thyroid rather than just the tumor.
10:43 - My doc prescribed bed rest for my cold. Awesome! I love doing nothing! But is there evidence that bed rest helps fight disease or do doctors just say it to make you feel less useless?
12:20 - Have there been any studies regarding PCOS? (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Are there ways to cure it? I lost 50 lbs and continue to have it.
12:53 - My question: what's your opinion on Gerson Therapy? A friend is diagnosed with melanoma on his ankle. Instead of going through surgery, he's going to the Gerson Therapy facility in Tijuana. plz help!
14:35 - Can you explain what process measures and surrogate markers are? They sound kinda similar to me, but I'm not sure I really understand either.
16:10 - Are there other immumnosuppresives to try besides Imuran for Ulcerative Colitis?
16:59 - What research has been done on lightboxes with regards to Seasonal Affective Disorder, thanks!
17:51 - What is your favorite HC triage video?
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