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Pro Tip! Rain in Florida is all nice and fun until suddenly also giant bolts of electricity start to fly down out of the sky! So, like, don't vlog in a thunderstorm I guess.

Let's answer questions like, Gasoline smell, yes or no? Who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong, baby butt wiggles, dancing, the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, what's under my feet, and whether eating a carnivorous plant would be vegan.

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Good morning, John! I'm in Sunny Florida! It's raining pretty hard right now. I mean... not really... that hard. It is beautiful here. I am loving the wetness actually. It is very dry in Montana and my skin breaks out, my nose gets all crackly. I like it. I want to be moist. I maybe don't want to be this moist though. I may have to come out later and film this at a different time. There is a dog... comin to pee.. quick before it gets all rainy. Oh no... Ok that was bad timing. [THUNDER] Ohhhh God. Ok, yeah, no.. ok let's go. 

I'm back, it's tomorrow. It was a long storm. And now it is very bright back there, but I felt like I committed to this spot, ya know. I'm in Florida for my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. And I tweeted ok, I'm in Florida on vacation and I need to make a video that is fun and quick and not stressful. 'Cause I need to get back in there and celebrate. [Turns to look over shoulder] Hello big fish. So I asked for questions and I got this from Amanda, "Have you watched the Orin butt wiggle video today?" I haven't, I did watch it yesterday, but look, I also have the real thing. 

Scott Manly says "what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" Is it African or European Scott, you didn't say. Come on!

Grace Helbig says "Dance!" And I will remind you that said that I want non-stressful questions to answer. Dance! One, not a question. Two, it's so many people, craze, jeez.

What's under your feet right now? I'm sitting down, I don't want to touch my camera because it is an extremely precarious set up right now, but let, here under my feet, look. Nothing, air. Air on both sides, this is how I sit by the way. I am very flexible in one way and it is this way.

Hey. Hi. Hey. Hi. Heeyyy. Hiii. Heeeyyy. Is this good video? I have no idea.

"What should I embroider on my jacket?" Fancy Dingo. Seems like a good one. 

"Smell of gasoline, yes or no?" I mean... yes...

"Show us your favorite dance move right now?" Come on people!

"Who put the Ram in the Ramalamadingdong?(?~1:57) I bet this is something I could Google. Ramalamadingdong.(?~2:00) What's the person who wrote a song's name? Song writer? George Jones, Jr. He put the Ram in the Ramalamadingdong(?~2:07). Somebody should shake his hand. He's dead, he died in 2008. Wow, they originally called that the lamaramadingdong(?~2:16) on the cover of the album and that must have just been a bad day when he got it delivered and he was like "come on you guys! I have being working so hard on this my legacy and you're like lamarama(?~2:28), no it's ramalama(?~2:29)." 

Yanny or Laurel? Look, I'm a Yanny, and I think that it's done with and it is over, I'm a Yanny. And then I showed Catherine and she is a Laurel and she thought that I was lying to her about Yanny, but it's real ok. Yanny's are real! Please, [looks to sky] oh hello, blue jay, ahh...

"What do you think of the word..." I used the word moist in this video, yesterday, when I was making it. What I would like to say to you is that I think it is a word that is useful and we should just think of it in its usefulness, but I also really like it. [looks off camera] That was my baby screaming. Why did he scream? Cause he was like, "no dad, don't talk about the word moist."

Elizabeth asks, "would eating a carnivorous plant be considered vegan?" Of course it would... wait... wait.. no you're right. Shoot. I mean does it come up that often? Do we need to have rules for everything? 

Nate asks, "What is your favorite non-serious dance move?"

Rafael asks, "Show us your favorite dance move right now."

Echo asks, "Your best dance moves."

Paulina says, "Recreate Orin's dance."

You guys really want me to dance. So here's the situation. My baby has a bunch of different dance moves and I'm gonna do one of them for you. I am going to do my currently my favorite of Orin's dance moves is. I call it finger guns. I'm gonna have to get far enough away from the camera do to do it. Ok. Here I am doing finger guns. There it is, that's Hank Green doing finger guns. Now you've all seen it, I hope you all appreciated Hank Green doing finger guns. John, I will see you on Tuesday.