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Tom! Good luck in the big city, and thanks for all of your hard work over the last 1.5 years. We'll miss you!

Stay tuned for updates on Project Hyena Diorama:

See you all soon!

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The Field Museum in Chicago, IL
Emily: Hey guys, I just wanted to give you some updates in Brain Scoop Land lately. First, if I saw you at VidCon, thank you so much for coming, it was great to see you guys, and I really appreciate you showing up; if you didn't make it, we missed you. Secondly, Tom McNamara, current producer of the Brain Scoop is leaving to take a job in New York City and we're super excited for him, but I'm also super bummed we won't get to have more Amazon Adventures again. Whomp whomp.

When are you gonna splice in the part where I start crying?

Tom: (laughs) Yeah.

Emily: So, unfortunately, we're gonna have a short gap in the episodes but you should stay tuned because our exhibitions department has just started breaking ground on Project Hyena Diorama, so again if you contributed to that thank you because it's happening! We're gonna film it! It's gonna be awesome. So anyway, stay tuned you guys, I'll see you soon.