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I reflect on things.

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Lizzie: Sorry. Recent events have made me wonder about my decision to make my videos in a semi-public part of the house. Not that my bedroom door was ever much of a deterrent. We just don't have that many locking doors - and I draw the line at filming in the bathroom - uh uh - this far, no further.

The other thing recent events have made me wonder about is if Caroline knows something about Darcy that I don't? I mean, I knew she liked him, but why the obsession with me? I'm not in charge of who Darcy likes! I'm still in the dark as to why he did what he did for Lydia. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I don't understand Darcy at all.

[Intro Plays]

And yeah, I know what you're going to say, but if Darcy helping Lydia had anything to do with me, wouldn't he have told me? Don't get me wrong - I would rather know, and I really appreciate Lydia telling me but, if Darcy is watching these videos he would know that I know, right? And I still haven't heard a word from him since he handed me into his car so his driver could take me to the airport. Nothing.

I wish Jane were here, I mean, I'm really glad she's in New York for her amazing job and everything but, she has the most comforting presence. Who am I kidding, I know exactly what she'd say...

Lizzie!Jane: Hey Lizzie, it's so good to see you. I think the two of you are super sweet together. Do you want some tea?

I did shoot Fitz a text, as I suspected his influence might also have been at work about the website, but he said...

No, I'm not doing the 'fro thing, it's at Pemberley.

Lizzie!Fitz: Not me Lizzie B!

and nothing since. I haven't even heard from Gigi, which is kind of odd. She has historically not been shy about throwing her brother and me together.

Lizzie!Gigi: Oh Lizzie, don't go anywhere! And make sure your phone is charged! And check that the ringer is on! Why?? So you can help me with my math.

If she's gone radio-silent, then Darcy must have said something to her. Which leads me to the conclusion that Darcy didn't actually want me to find out that he had acquired the company that bought... a certain video. But I do know, and I'm not sure what to do about that.

If he's upset that I found out, I wish he'd just tell me. If his good opinion once lost is lost forever, well, then we're right back where we started I guess... And yes, I can practically hear Charlotte in my head right now.

Lizzie!Charlotte: Oh come on Lizzie. This isn't 1800, if you want to know what Darcy's thinking, just ask him.

Lizzie!Lizzie: Dammit imaginary Charlotte, it's not that simple.

Lizzie!Charlotte: Why not? You have his phone number, he gave it to you.

Lizzie!Lizzie: In case I needed to reach him...

Lizzie!Charlotte: So clearly he doesn't mind if you call.

Lizzie!Lizzie: Yeah, but...

Lizzie!Charlotte: But what?! What's the worst that could happen? He ignores you? He's not interested?

Lizzie!Lizzie: That's not what I'm worried about...

Lizzie!Charlotte: Then what are you worried about?

Lizzie!Lizzie: lost for words

What he did for Lydia... it was huge, unrepayably huge, and not just because of the money. I will always be grateful to him for that. Uh, and he thought we had inequality issues before... I just really hope that he doesn't think that I... I mean, he knows me better than that by now, right?

I guess there's only one way to find out for sure... Talking to the internet - not the same as talking to people. sigh 

[Darcy Voice-mail:] You've reached William Darcy, please leave a message after the tone
Lizzie: Hey, Darcy. It's Lizzie. Umm, when you have a sec, uh, give me a call - I'd like to... chat!

[Outro Plays]