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First post-Charlotte video. I'm still getting a hang of this editing thing. Really thankful for my super supportive sisters, though.

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Lizzie: Hi everyone, so last time things got a little intense but everything is gonna be a-okay. Charlotte may have been the editing unit of this little enterprise but I took the same classes that she did and I know what I'm doing. And even though it may take me a little while to get this into a smooth running machine, everything is gonna be just fine without Charlotte... just fine. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I miss my best friend. 

(Intro music plays) 

Lizzie: I may not be doing as well as I pretend. And it's not the editing, its... it's that she's gone. In the last few days Charlotte packed up her old car, found a place to live, moved out of her parents' apartment. All without saying good-bye to me. 

This is the longest we've gone without talking since her parents took her to go meet relatives in China when we were eight. So it's safe to say that this is weird. 

(Knock on door) 

Lizzie: Come in. 

Jane: Hello! Okay, I just wanted to see if you were thirsty. 

Lizzie: Oh um, thank you. But I'm not done with the last two cups you brought me. 

Jane: Oh okay, well it is here if you need it. And let me just- 

Lizzie: Oh, thanks Jane... okay, that's good. 

Jane: Yeah? 

Lizzie: Stop worrying about me and go see that Bing of yours. When was the last time you saw him anyway? 

Jane: No it's just been a few days, it's fine. And I am here for you. I'm just in the other room, okay? 

Lizzie: I know. 

Jane: Okay, do you want this closed? Open? 

Lizzie: Closed.

Jane: Okay. 

(Jane leaves) 

Lizzie: Jane as brought me more tea in the last 72 hours than I knew existed. Oh raspberry- with zing! It's nice to know that she cares. She and Dad have been tip-toeing around me like someone died. Even Lydia's been leaving me alone. 

Not my mom though! No, my mom has been shrieking and crying at the sight of me. "Her poor foolish daughter who let opportunity slip through her fingers and into the undeserving hands of Charlotte Lu!" And it's not that I'm sad, I'm really mad at Charlotte for selling out! She is so much talented and now she's going to be making dumb-down corporate videos and- and bad reality TV for which Ricky Collins will take all the credit! 

Kind of like how she said I was taking all the credit for these videos.... I didn't realize she was so unhappy. I thought that this was ours in a way. She's my best friend, I should have known she was unhappy. 

(knock on door) 

Lizzie: Jane I don't need any more tea!

Lydia: Hi, oh my God are you ready? 

Lizzie: Ready for what? 

Lydia: For this! 

Lizzie (reading): Super cute and fun, double jointed, works well with others, turns boring emo relatives into cool, fun people.  

Lizzie: What is this? 

Lydia: My resume, duh! It's been three days, it is time to turn sad boo-who Lizzie into... kinda cool Lizzie. 

Lizzie: And I would need your resume because? 

Lydia: I'm applying to be your new side-kick! 

Lizzie: I don't want a new side-kick. And Charlotte wasn't a side-kick. Charlotte, I swear, I never thought of you as a side-kick. 

Lydia: Whatever you totes need a side-kick; you're boring and perpetually single. That just screams side-kick-needer person. Let's not lie the camera loves me. And I know all about vlogging from doing my own videos am I right? 

Lizzie: I thought you said those were too much work. 

Lydia: Totes! But I wouldn't do any of that stuff-boring! That's way more you, I'd bring all the fun! 

Lizzie: Yeah that sounds fair. Why would I even have you as my side-kick? 

Lydia: Because soon, like tomorrow, the public is going to get tired of your moping depressingness, dear sister. Reason number six as to why Lizzie Bennet is perpetually single.  

Lizzie: Show me this list-

Lydia: And who better to fun up your life than me? And the first thing I'm going to do is get you out of this room and take you to Carter's. 

Lizzie: Oh no I really don't feel like going. 

(Jane enters) 

Jane: Hey! I just thought you might like some scones to go with your tea. 

Lizzie: Did we turn British? 

Lydia: Jane, tell Lizzie she has to come out with me to Carter's tonight.

Lizzie: Jane, tell Lydia that I really don't feel like going anywhere. 

Jane: Actually I think that's a great idea. We should all get out of the house. 

Lizzie: You do? 

Jane: Yes!

Lizzie: We should? 

Jane: Yes! I will call Bing, he and Caroline can probably meet us there. Okay, yay. 

(Jane leaves) 

Lizzie: That means Darcy. 

Lydia: Well I happen to know someone else who will be there. 

Lizzie: Who? 

Lydia: George Wickham. He's back in town, he sent you a message. 

Lizzie: He did?!

Lydia: Um-hum. 

Lizzie: (laughs) He totally did. Wait how did you know that he sent me an email? 

Lydia: ... I may or may not know your password. What? Like any good side-kick would! I've got your back sis. 

Lizzie: Well I still don't feel like going anywhere. 

Lydia: Okay, than you can just stay here and hang out with Mom. 

Lizzie: Let's go to Carter's!

Lydia: Yes! Side-kick F-T-W!

Lizzie: Right after I change all my passwords. 

(Outro music)