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In which Hank investigates a holey man, and then harasses a rather upset young lady.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank Green plays LA Noire! Just so you know, this game contains spoilers, realistic violence, curse words, and even the occasional bit of nudity, so don't say I didn't warn you. Let us continue on. Last time, Cole Phelps heard gun shots fired, and now he has found a man with lots of holes inside of him. I agree with you. I agree that he is dead. Hey, what's up? Right. Stupid homicide dicks. Oh, I've already got, I've already got vibrations. I've gotta examine - Hey! You're doing a lot of touching! Ooh I saw something shiny over there. Crowded street, nice shirt- I mean tie.

Examine his head and arms. Okay, what am I finding, anything? I'm using, I'm examining this body part. Alright, how about the head? Come here, head. Anything, anything? Okay, that is weird. I'm not sure what I'm doing, not sure. Examining this body part, how's this one doing? Alright, that doesn't seem to be doing me any good at all. Um... No. I already did the arm. Move it, here, no, here, in the middle. In the middle here, pockets, yeah, whaddya got? We got a bloodstained piece of paper from the Bank of Arcadia. Payments made. Okay... Hi Lemon, it's okay honey. [Laughs] Layaway voucher, okay. Hmm, alright. [Laughs] Yes, it's a dead person. Anything else? Anything else I might find on this guy? On this side? Anything on this side? No? Okay, well, interesting. This is quite a... No there is nothing, nothing interesting on your face. Okay, we're we're moving away. Step over the dead body. Thought I saw something shiny over here. Oh there it is, shiny. Oh, bunch of bullet casings. All in the same place, how convenient, what a nice little cluster. Okay, .32's. Interesting, I get to manipulate... Anything else going on around here?