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?: So I eat anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 spiders a day.  People are saying that's too many spiders.

Hank: How many calories in a spider?  (Scrolls)  "The Bay Area Bug Eating Society (BABES), for all your bug eating needs, says very large spiders," So, very large spiders, important, remove fangs, hope you're doing that.  "100 grams, a very large spiders, get you 90 fat calories and 126% of your daily protein."  Dude, I think you're doing fine.  You probably want to cut back a little, seems--I think that thousands is too much, maybe you're eating very small spiders.  In that case, I think you're doing fine.  Look, they're not going to eat themselves.  Actually, they probably--they absolutely will.  They will at least eat each other.