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This week in my quest to get to one million followers on LinkedIn:

"I'm not sure how to say this, but in the 90s a man invented fake dog testicles called "neuticles." 

He'd identified a problem: Some dog owners wanted to neuter their dogs, but they also still wanted their dogs to have balls. Why? I don't know, that's not the point, they weren't neutering their pets and that wasn't ideal! 

So he created silicon scrotum implants so that the dogs would still look like they had balls even after being neutered."

This sounds fake but it's not!

"You might think that this is the story of a bit of a business flop, but actually the inventor of Neuticles has sold over 500,000 pairs and each pair costs $300 and his clients include Jake Gyllenhaal... or, I guess technically Jake Gyllenhaal's dog. 

The business lesson here, of course, is that every problem (no matter how ridiculous) has the potential to create a market."

I am almost to 50,000 followers. Got a ways to go!