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When was the last time you were deeply moved by a piece of art? Maybe you can't remember, and that's okay. How are we supposed to understand such a diverse and expansive topic, whose rules can be invisible or maybe don't even exist. What’s more, how do we experience art and find meaning in it? (0:00)

I'm Sarah Urist Green and over the last 15 years I've committed much of my personal and professional life to these questions. So, I’ve created a course that will give you the tools you need to appreciate art wherever you might find it. (0:17)

Don't believe the rumor that art is for only a select group of people, who've gone to the right schools or learned the right lingo. Together we'll explore all the ways to find art, how to prepare yourself before you get there, what to do besides just running your eyes over a work or skimming the label. (0:30)

Join me, and never feel uncomfortable around art again, unless that is, the artist trying to make you uncomfortable. (0:47)