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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

First thing this week, we're gonna talk about some NerdfArt. And this week's NerdfArt comes to us from who is making a series of very cool band flyers things for Hank's tour. There have been three flyers made so far so go over to Tumblr and check those out in all of their full resolution glory. And also, you should probably go to one of the dates on the tour if you can. I'm probably going to the Seattle one but you can see the full list on Tumblr of the ones that are nearest to you.

And before we get to any sort of merch news this week, I want to talk to you guys about the nerdfighter census, the link will be down in the flap if you know what it is. But if you don't, there is a nerdfighter census out there right now that you can fill out and fill in a bunch of questions and answers about yourself. And it just kind of gives John and Hank an idea of who is watching the videos and where these people are at so if they're gonna go on a tour, like the tour I just mentioned, it kind of gives them an idea of where the nerdfighters are located, and it's just nice to have that information about your audience and you know what they like about you. But part of that census is a section that says "Hey. Which of these video series do you watch and which ones have you heard of and which ones do you not like?" and one of those on the list of video series is this, it's The Warehouse. So if you have not yet, go fill out the nerdfighter census and make sure you click on the little Warehouse videos if you like the thing that we do here. Alright?

Now it's time for the new merch news. First up this week, Mike Falzone recently put out a video called 'Hey. shh. Don't.' and now there is a 'Hey. shh. Don't.' shirt. So you can go pre-order that right now on And if you haven't seen the video that the shirt comes from, that link will be down in the flap today as well.

Next up, Andrew Huang has this brand new Unicorn Shirt that is also up for pre-order on the website right now. And that unicorn comes from the cover of this Love & Desolation album that you can see here. So go pre-order that and also you can pick this up wile you're there.

Next up, you guys have already seen the Karen Kavett 'Why buy anything else when you could be buying books?' t-shirt but have you ever been wearing your shirt and thought "Hey, you know what'd be cool? If my wall could wear one of these shirt too." Well now it can because we have it in poster form that you can go pre-order right now on

And next up is this brand new journal from the people over at the Harry Potter Alliance. It says 'Books turn muggles into wizards' and it is gorgeous. It is nice and embossed and it's very... soft and... It's real nice. And bonus, they promise it's not a horcrux. Although, if I was someone who had a horcrux, I probably wouldn't say that it was a horcrux so... It might be a horcrux. But regardless, you can go order those right now on

And the last and very exciting piece of new merch news this week is something you guys have been asking me about for a long time and I just haven't had an answer, so now I do. The Lizzie Bennet DVD sets are now on sale on to people who didn't do the Kickstarter thing. So if you missed out on the chance to donate to the Kickstarter last year, you can now go to and order your set. And you get all 100 episodes as well as Q & As and bonus videos and gag reels. So for those of you that have been asking me about this for a while, there you go.

But that does it for this week guys. Don't forget to leave any questions or comments you may have down in the comments section below. And like I said before, I'm gonna do a Q & A video probably next week so leave those Qs down in the C section. Nope. But as always, the links to every single thing I talked about today will be down in the flap. And you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter @MatthewGaydos. So I will see you guys next week with a brand new Q & A episode of The Warehouse and until then, don't forget to be awesome.