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Much like the decorator crab or the  male bowerbird building his nest,   we humans also like to collect  pretty stuff and stick it places.

That’s just one of the many things that makes us   Bizarre Beasts…like the subjects  of this very good wall calendar. Yes, the Bizarre Beasts wall calendar is  BACK for 2024, we sold out last year and this year we are featuring a whole new  set of beasts from our past episodes.

We picked 13 of our favorites and  worked with an incredible artist,   Greer Stothers, once again to create beautiful  backgrounds for each original illustration. Each beast also comes with a blurb  full of bizarre facts! Amaze your friends with your knowledge of boring clams and  grass-eating sharks, and the pumpkin toadlet!

Or ignore the fact that it is a calendar and simply wallpaper your favorite room with the beasts so that you can enjoy them  all at once, all year long! Bizarre Beasts does not believe  in telling you how to use your calendar, do with it whatever speaks to you. You can order your calendar now at the link in the description or by heading  over to

But much like the Chinese giant salamander,   their numbers are limited, and once  they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Why did we make that so sad!?!