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The Machete order for watching Star Wars:

This week's questions:
00:53 - Should people be paying attention to expiration dates on prescriptions and over the counter medications?
2:15 - Preemptive wisdom tooth removal has very significant costs and risks. What evidence is there that my dentist is correct in saying that nearly everyone should get their wisdom teeth removed?
3:18 - Are there additional risks involved in drinking energy drinks over their regular or diet soda counterparts? Many people insist on them being terrible.
4:35 - Does medical research have an expiration date? I.e., do you trust studies from the 1950s that haven't been reverified by newer studies?
6:49 - The Affordable Care Act has resulted in a substantial reduction of uninsured. Yay! Is there evidence that this is having a positive impact on health in the US, or just a metric to check off?
8:29 - How's the Apple Watch? Do you think it's a helpful health device?
9:45 - I know your thoughts on supplements in general, but I've noticed you still recommended a prenatal supplement (folate especially). Why this double standard?
10:39 - In honor of today, what do you think is the best order for viewing the Star Wars films?
13:54 - Are there any health risks to being in the military that civilians wouldn't have?
15:03 - Are there any negative effects to eating the same food every day?
16:17 - If trying three different antidepressants hasn't helped, is there much merit in trying more, or is there as much value in more natural approaches like mindfulness, meditation, exercise, etc.?
17:31 - Everyone seems to be talking about "toxins" and how bad they are, but no one ever talks about what they are. What is a "toxin"? Are there any we really need to be aware of?
19:57 - Please comment on any research on the relationship between aluminum in things like antiperspirants and dementia, Alzheimer's and similar pathologies.
21:20 - Is there any evidence that city living is better or worse than country living?
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