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Today’s problem: fingernails. The Wimbly Womblys play Cardiff City.

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Hello and welcome to Wales! No actually, I think we're at King's Meadow, but uh we're in Wales metaphorically speaking because we're playing Cardiff. Cardiff City, down here in the championship, I think they're in the premier league in real life, but we're playing in the second tier of English football.

Wimbleton is in pretty good position. We're in the uh, I think we're in the playoff spots. We just kinda need to stay there. Um, today we got a slightly new lineup. We're starting Solanke alongside Bald John Green. You can see right there, we're number five. So we are in the playoff spots, obviously there's a long way to go, still 36 games left in the season or something.

But um, I'm feeling good about where we are, on the heels of a great victory against the franchise currently playing us trade Milton Keens. There's Mr. Managerianooo looking stalwart as always. As you can see here, um Alphie Egan returns to the bench. We've got uh, Vinny Thrill back in the lineup, and Solanke alongside Bald John Green.

That's really about wanting to rotate the John Greens enough that they get the rest that they need, but I'm also trying to find out is there a strike partnership other than John Green and John Green that will work.

'Cause I don't think that Grig and Solanke work, but maybe I can do Bald John Green and Solanke, and other John Green and Grig or something like that. I don't know. I don't have it figured out yet, but I figure this is a great game for a little bit of experimentation on the squad side.

I do have a problem to solve today. It comes from Claire who writes "I can't stop biting my fingernails no matter how hard I try. I'm a nurse, so this is a big problem. I'm biting on the various viruses and bacteria that I encounter everyday. I don't want MRSA." I can relate to this problem on multiple levels.

By the way, you can leave your problems in comments and I'll solve them. Claire, this is not an easy problem to solve though. Because, so look I want to emphasize I'm not a psychologist. You shouldn't go to Fifa videos for tax advise, um, or medical advice. Those are the two things that I don't look for in professional Fifa.

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Like when I'm watching a Fifa series, I never think like "pff I bet this guy could help me with my taxes". Um, same thing goes for medical advice. So my- ultimately I'm gonna solve your problem by recommending that since you conveniently work in a healthcare setting that you seek some healthcare about this.

Uh oh. Everything worked out better than expected. Uh oh. No. No. Cancel! Cancel the celebration!  Hodor. He got down so fast. Son of hodor, magnificent. Let's look at it again. Look at him. Look at him, Claire. Just down to the near post, he's not gonna give away a goal on his near post. He holds the door. 

So what I've always been told by my psychologist and psychiatrist is- that was a foul. Are they gonna call it? No. How have I not given up a goal?

What I've always been told- I committed a foul in the box but for some reason they didn't call it. I'm very grateful and I wanna apologize for all the terrible things I've said about the refereeing in this game. It's actually excellent. 

What I've always been told by my psychologist and psychiatrist is that like, as long as like a habit or a even- no, we've given up the goal that we've been threatening to give up for the entire first twelve minutes of the game. Even- that was nobody's fault except for the overall poor defense.

If I have a habit or, you know even if it's a somewhat compulsive behavior and it's not a problem, it's not a problem. Right? Like if that makes sense that like biting my nails is not a problem unless and until it is a problem. People have habits. They have you know, little ticks that help them calm themselves down.

And you know, what I've been told at least, is like unless that stuff interferes with your life, or your quality of life, or keeps you from doing things you wanna do, it's okay.

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