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In which Hank completes a few more test chambers while GLaDOS taunts him about being adopted. But the testing facility is completely operational again. So that's good.
Hello and welcome to "Hank Green Plays Portal 2". This is a new test chamber that I'm about to enter. There's a turret that's guarded in a cage, there's five "x"s, so five things I need to do to open the door, and I just got shot. So that was bad. Getting shot. I need some stuff, and I'm not entirely sure what it is that I need. Just use these as things to guard me.

(0:34) Up to a point. So there's a laser, I need the laser thing-er to come out of the place first. That is step one. So... does it come out of there?

(1:01) How do I make it come out? Okay. Seems unlikely to me that I'm going to want to walk across that. Nope, nope. So maybe if I- aah oh god. Okay, there it is. Hello. 

(1:30) Aw. Okay, now I'm behind him, so I don't have to worry about him right now. How... what do I do? Oh, can I do this? Can I do this? Yes I can. Yes I can. Bonk, and jih jih yes, okay, excellent. Excellent news. 

(2:01) For Hank and his Portal playing. Got one of these. Let's just run. Let's just run. Let's just run. We're fine, we're fine, we're fine, we're fine, we're fine. No problems. Can I shoot him here, maybe? Yeah I can, ha ha.

(2:34) Okay. That looks like what- the thing I'm supposed to be doing. Sure. Just need to get- I wanted to make that come closer to me, but I was unable to, so I have to walk all the way over here, and then... so I've got two of the five here...

(3:02) Yeah, five of five! What? (laughing at dialogue) "Birth parents you are trying to reach do not love you." Okay, well, that went pretty well, that went pretty well. That seemed fairly complicated and I feel like I did it quickly-ish.

(3:32) From first go. I like to look at the ground when I'm- oh, hello. Thanks for slowing me down. He's... you ran right into that thing, man. (Wheatley: You can't fire me for that!) Can you fire people? Those are shinier than the rest of them. 

(4:04(Wheatley: Just hang in there for five more chambers.) Five more chambers. I can do that. Though it actually kind of makes me sad. Only five more chambers? But after that I'm going to get to keep playing Portal, right? I assume so. I assume it is a significantly bigger game than the first. "Case options." 

(4:31) Well those guys look like trouble. Yep, okay, okay. Just got a lot of laser beams. Lot of laser beams, and not one hundred percent on what I'm up to here. There's a thing up there, so I've gotta get that. Okay. Same thing again, buddy. Whee! You're mine! So I got him. 

(5:14) There's that one, that one, and that one. Another one there. So, how does that work? I don't think that I'm gonna be able to shoot that from here. Oh, sure I am. Whee! Got this one too. Okay, now, gotta get up there. That's gonna be fun- whoa, aah, ooh, hey there. That was weird. That was weird.

(5:48) So laser beam. That- good, got that, that one's good. Number one complete. Where are the others? There's a thing there. Go up here. Nope, nope. I have to go there, there. Okay, that makes sense. So I only have one laser beam to deal with. Not to deal with, but to work with.

(6:31) So... so I need an orange here. Yes, excellent. It stayed up there, right? Now I need a blue... oof, almost didn't make it. That was close. That goes there, gotcha. Good, jump over that. 

(7:09) Now, now I've gotta go all the way over here to this. Why are you all the way over here, sir? Doesn't matter, you are, do it. And then this. The door opens. But then it's being guarded by a bunch of you guys so I'm just gonna LIGHT YOU ON FIRE OH MY GOD THAT was so cool. 

(7:32) All right, laser beams accomplished. Now I just need that, and I need that, and I need that, and that. Whee! Oh my god, I landed right on the laser beam. Oof, okay, I did it! I did it! I am through. I just jumped for no reason. 

(8:01(GLaDOS: ... a solution I honestly think works out best for one of both of us.) (laughing at dialogue) Is it the part where you kill me? [epic foreshadowing] 'Cause I keep expecting that part and not getting it. I don't know. I'm surprised by the lack of you killing me so far, GLaDOS. You could have killed me more. 

(8:23(GLaDOS: ... this next test chamber is looking pretty good.) It is! It's looking pretty good. Okay, so my guess is... that there's gonna have to be a thing here, and only one other portal to do it all. Okay. Well that's going right into that one, so I've got two more- aah!- two more things here. I can make this one go right into that one. I can make this one go right into that one, and I am shocked if that is...

(9:03) What is this door to? Woah, random scary- random door. I bet there's some kind of secret with that door. This... okay. Anyway. I think that was the entire test chamber that I just did really really quickly. I feel very accomplished. (laughing) Oh, Companion Cube. 

(9:30(GLaDOS: ... these test chambers look even better than before.) They do, they look very good. (GLaDOS: ... and trim out the fat.) Right, that's what you did when you killed everyone, right? Thank you for watching this episode of "Hank Green Plays Portal". There's an annotation in the top right-hand side of your video. You can click it and go watch the next one. I appreciate you watching, and I- you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time on "Hank Green Plays Portal". 

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