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Hank: So John, if you log into vlogbrothers and then go to that link I wanna see what happens 

John: Goooood morning. 
*echos* Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god there's a.. there's a.. ugh I forgot about the headphones issue. Hold on.

Hank: You're on the other live stream, should be fine. You're still here why are you still here. You should have gone home hours ago

Michael: I should have abandoned you

Hank: You could have. I can't believe my dog is sleeping in here, weird. Hi John. 

John: Good morning. 

Hank: Yep, I need to go to bed. 

Michael: *laughs*

Hank: So I'm gonna do that

John: You're gonna go to bed?

Hank: That was my plan, yeah

John: Alright that sounds fine to me, um, I think we have everything that we need in order to get started here this morning, um, you just passed $250,000 which is great. I was hoping you'd do better overnight but it seems like you went crazy. Like, looking at the list of perks it seems like maybe things went pretty crazy last night. 

Hank: laughs

John: Like, maybe instead of raising money you were just um recording music. 

Hank: Well.. *laughs*.. we had to do something 

John: Yeah when I have to do something I raise money

Hank: oooh

John: *laughs* I would have, I would have made that song available only for $400 donations. 

Hank: Well

John: Do you wanna hear look at Hank's face its gonna be $400.

Hank: Can't believe its almost 6am.

John: Alright you, uh, the reason, the biggest reason I need you to get some sleep is that I uh need you to be back on the livestream in about 9 hours. 

Hank: Seems unlikely to me.

John: When you say unlikely you better mean it seems like its going to be for sure gonna happen.

Hank: Well I uh ah I'm supposed to record videos tomorrow for my job

John: Look at Hank's face, its a face, look at Hank's face, you get (?)
Sorry its so catchy!

Um, what time, you have to record SciShow from when to when?

Michael: Usually from like 1 to 4. 

John: Right so we'll come right back and be back, oh, 4pm, Montana time?

Michael: Yeah

John: Oh god

Michael: We don't, apparently we don't have much to film today so it probably wont take that long

John: *sighs* I'm tired. 

Hank: Oh wow Michael Gardner is awake. I also have a 4pm meeting with YouTube. 

John: Am I on that meeting?

Hank: I don't know

John: I feel bad that I wasn't invited. 

Hank: *Laughs* Maybe I can...

John: Well

Hank: ... we can go, I can come in and film news tomorrow?

Michael: That sounds like a wonderful idea. That is the best news I've heard all day.

John: Yeah I really think you can probably just film those tomorrow, um, what is tomorrow? Wednesday? Yeah, you should film it on Wednesday because then you can host the project for awesome tonight which would be very helpful to me because I have all this, I have all these, I have some parenting obligations.

Hank: Yes, parenting *scoffs*

John: Ok

Hank: I will, I will, I will endeavour to figure that out

John: Oh I'm looking at Michael Gardner's list of things that you have to do and I'm feeling like maybe its not gonna happen, its not gonna work.
Anyway we'll figure it out, just email me. Thank you for staying up all night hosting

Hank: You're welcome.

John: Boss

Hank: Yep yep yep yep yep

John: Alright, what do I do, do I just kick you out now?

Hank: No I'll just close the thing, don't kick me out cause you might ban yourself.

John: *Laughs* Alright

Hank: Alright

Michael: Goodnight

John: Good work, night guys, take care Michael

Hank: See you soon.

John: Alright, bye guys

Goood morning. Um, I'm here, one thing I wish is maybe that it did not um uh maybe the title of this video is not P4A live still in a blast because people are gonna be so disappointed when they click on that link and I ain't.

Um so good morning, hi, my name is John Green I am the brother of that crazy person you just saw. I used it again, I'm working really hard on not saying crazy and just saying silly uh or bananas. Um, I am the brother of that bananas person you just saw. Um, I'm gonna I gotta post a tweet um so the p4a passed $300,000 in donations um also hank added silly perks in his sleep deprivation. And then, um, I'm gonna go do this and then I'm gonna say "And I am now your livestream host (?)" I probably shouldn't complain about fatigue because a lot of you guys have been up for like 30 hours straight and I did sleep some last night. Um dft dot ba slash p4a live ok alright, um, the Frezned doodles are sold out so people who wanted Frezned doodles you're going to have to readjust your expectations and get something else. My my my internet is a mess