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OK, so...I did a thing...and I enjoyed it so much I had to share. I mean, really, who has all that time to watch a HankGames video anyway! Much better at twice the speed!
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays CLOP. CLOP is like QWOP but with a unicorn instead of a running man. The, uh, J and L control the back legs. So that's the wrong way and H and K control the front legs. Whee! Yes!

Yeah! Go horsey, go! Faster! Get some traction. Get over those rocks. Yeah! This isn't so bad. Woah! Backwards. Don't go backwards. Whoa.

There you go! Huh, huh, huh! Um. Um. Ah! Yes, yes, excellent, good job, horse.

Go. No backwards! N-n-n-n-n-n-na! Aw. I fell over.

It needs a spoiler 'cause his heads gonna... Woah there, monkey brains. Alright, now, this is a new way to walk. Do it! Go horsey, go! (Laughs) Okay! Okay! Oop! Yeah. Like that. That looks good. Alrighty-pants. Nope, backwards! Okay too fast! Too fast horse, too fast!

Er-er-ee-ee. Just gonna get it er-er-ge-ge! Yes! Okay.

Use the force, horse! Nope, Nope! (Laughs) Okay! Just balanced on my horn there.

Yeah there you go, that's it! Uh huh. Yeah, just like that. Just like that. Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Good horse! Okay. I feel like we... Oh! I thought we had gotten over the hard part, but apparently not. Get! Nope that's not what I wanted. Yeah, there you go. Okay. Yeah! Huh! Ooh! Woah! Okay!

Oh what happened? Lame horse mode unlocked? But, I don't want to be a... My legs are broke! My leg broke! Huh! Huh! Huh! Drag ya! Drag your little legs! Yeah! Yeah, do it Cloppy! Go! Go Cloppy! No, backwards! No, Cloppy!

Bonk. Bonk. Bonkbonk. Dadadadadadadado!

Can I get up the front legs up here? Ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-kick! No, that wasn't it. That was bad. (Sighs) "That foolish, drunkard unicorn." I agree, this is definitely a drunk unicorn. Prancey prancey prancey prancey prancey prancey prancey prance. Prancey prance unicorn. Prancey prancey prance. Got to prance. This is great, I'm doing fantastically. This is, I've got the rhythm. Feel the rhythm! Feel the ride! Come on Cloppy, it's bobsled time! Come on! Go g-g-go g-go go! Get over the thing, get over that thing, that thing is no big deal. It's no big deal, keep going. Keep going. Keep going, there you go. Oh, yeah, you're the awesomest horse! Awesomest unicorn, I'm sorry I called you a horse. Don't listen to me.

Go go go go go! There's a big hole ahead, but go! Go go go go! Go go go go go go go. Go clop! Go Cloppy get up the hole! Don't put your feet in the hole, don't put your feet in the hole! Yeah! Yeah, I'm over the hill. I'm over the hill. I'm over the hill. There's a frickin frick. Frickety frick! Frickety pow frickety frickety. No! stop no! Yes. Yes. OK, good Cloppy, good job, alright. Huh! Huh! Huh, oh, there's a big rock. Nope. Yes. OK. That's the wrong way, gotta go forward. Get over it! Get over the rock! Get over the rock! Get over the rock! Get over it! Yes! Yes! Yes! No! No! Eee, get there. Yes. OK. Alright, Cloppy, we're, like half way through this mess.

Oh, not another hill. Not another hill, Cloppy. We can do it. We can do it. We can do it. We can do it. Just move your legs, move your little legs. Move them, move your legs. Move them, move them. I'm not even using one of my legs, that's my new trick, I only use three legs. Hnng! Get up the hill! Go. Go. No, that's the wrong one. These two, these two. Get, yeah. Yeah, drag it. That didn't work. OK. Hoh! Too spazzy, too spazzy! Way too spazzy! OK. Try it, try it again. What was, what was my, my little pattern of awesome that I had going on? I don't remember! Was it like this? No! It wasn't like that! Ah! No! I was so far!

Mrr. That's making me go backwards. Definitely going backwards doing this. This is definitely making me go backwards. OK, alright, that was bad. Bad, did a back flip. Alright, that's not what I meant to do.

What was I doing? There was like, I was doing something really awesome. It was like this? It was, it was like this. All but one of the legs. All but one of the legs.

No J. No J is the way to go. Use the prancey pants fancy pantsy pants prancey pants and you get right up the hill. Francey prance. Woah! Francey pants. Stupid hill. Little tiny... Oh! You are so bad at being a unicorn Clop! Oh my God!

Just the front legs. Just the front legs. Just the front legs. OK, good. I think that's far enough along. Now you can do it. Do it, do it, do it. God, you're so heavy but you have no traction. You're a fricking unicorn, you should be heavier than this. There you go. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Just one leg not working, everything else is fine. Just gotta keep going, keep going. Yeah, keep going. Get right over the... Get over it! Over. Clop, you just broke your leg. I saw your leg actually separate from your body there for a second but you're OK. You're fine. You're just gonna go right up this hill, aren't you. You're gonna go right up it.

Go, get up it! Go! It! Just get up, get up the thing Clop. Go, go, go! Get ji, just... Huh. This is exhausting Clop.

Now I'm on these rocks which is never good. Rocks are super hard to control. Get over the rocks. Alright. I hate hills! I hate hills! Faster, faster. Move your legs faster. Faster, faster legs. Faster... That's worse. Faster legs is worse. Just trudge... Noooo!

This is hard. Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays CLOP. You will not see me and I will not see you next time when I do not ever play CLOP again because, good lord, good lord. Goodbye.