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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Matthew Gaydos: Hey there, I'm Matthew Gaydos, and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you. Let's go ahead and jump right into that sweet, sweet new merch news.  

Last week, I told you guys about the brand new DFTBA hoodie, and surprise, surprise, this week we have another hoodie, and that is this lovely TFIOS inspired Okay? Okay cloud design.  So you can go to the website and pre-order that right now.  And that is expected to ship out in late November.  

Also, speaking of shipping dates and that kind of stuff, I wanted to let you guys know that if you're planning for asking for any DFTBA merchandise for Christmas, or if you're planning on buying DFTBA merchandise for people for Christmas, you should probably start ordering that something pretty soon, especially those of you who are not in the US, because not always but sometimes international shipping can take up to six weeks, so you don't want that to happen and you wouldn't get your presents in time and that would be sad.  

Back to the new merch stuff!  This week, we saw the release of two very exciting new pre-orders on the website, and those are these CrashCourse DVD box sets.  These two eight-disc box sets contain every episode of CrashCourse World History and CrashCourse Biology, and they come with commentary and outtakes and other bonus materials and lots of stuff, and as a bonus, if you order both of them together, you get $20 off your order.  And those are both expected to ship out at the end of this month.  

And something that I actually mentioned last week that I would just like to refresh your guys' memory on, Friday these CTFxC hoodies went live on the website for pre-order, and they are expected to ship out at the end of this month or early next month.

And last but certainly, most definitely not least this week, there is a very special sale going on right now, starting today, and this is 12 days of brand new Pizza John merch.  So what that means is that for the next 12 days, and for the next 12 days only, if you go to, there's going to be 12 brand new Pizza John items that are only available for the next 12 days.  After this 12 days is over, they're gone.  So we're going to have Pizza John lapel pins and puzzles and mugs and journals and hoodies and just so much Pizza John stuff!  So be sure in the next 12 days to go to and check out all the sweet, sweet Pizza John merch.

But that does it for this week, guys, I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween episode.  Please leave your questions, comments, and which Pizza John item you plan on picking up down in the comments below.  As usual, the links to everything I talked about today will be down in the flap, which will include a link to The Warehouse's own Fort Awesome t-shirt, which has the pretty "Don't Attack, Please" logo on it.  But remember, you can always find me on my channel at or on the Twitters @MatthewGaydos.  So, I will see you guys next week for another episode of The Warehouse, and as always, don't forget to be awesome.