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How do i see both of them together in the sky then? They shouldn't be on the same side...

boom! its dark in here now, but i still got one light on. That is the sun. Welcome sun and thank you. This is a stack of coffee cups that I'll try not to be ashamed of, that's going to be the moon, and its in front of us and if its right like this then you can't see it cause that's a new moon cause all the light from the sun is hitting the other side of it and you won't be able to to see it and will only be up, the moon will only be up during the daytime not the nighttime. now if its like this the moon will only be up during the nighttime and never the daytime and that's a full moon. Its 100% lit up. but if its like this, that's a 1/2 moon, adn its gonna be up during the day sometimes. and like the closer you get you can actually see, you can see like the moon and the sun in the shot at the same time. and its a little bit lit up on this side. that's like your sort of Cheshire cat moon, as you get closer and closer you get like the really thin little moon, the situation here, the moon and the sun are both still in the sky and the moon is still lit up