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If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you know that putting them on is pretty easy: just press on them with a wet towel for 30 seconds and they stick right on! But there’s a whole lot of science going on in that 30 seconds!

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Oh, hi Squeaks! I'm looking through these designs to see what I want to use as a temporary tattoo.

That's a type of tattoo that only stays on your skin for a few days. [Squeaks asks if he can pick one too]. Yeah, I thought we could do this together as our activity for today! We'll just need to get some special tattoos for you so the ink doesn't stain you.

It's not too hard for me to rub it off of my skin, but these tattoos might not work the same way on robot rats. [She shows him another sheet of paper with the tattoos for him -- they're just stickers. (we can probably do this as B-roll)]. These stickers are just like temporary tattoos, except it will be much easier for you to take them off. While you decide which one you want, should we try mine?

The way it works is pretty cool. Let's take a look! We start out with the design for the tattoo sandwiched between special types of paper.

The design is just made of ink, like what's in a pen or marker, with some sticky stuff mixed in. But for the tattoo to work, you need to be able to get the ink to unstick from the paper and stick to your skin. It's tricky!

So here's how the companies that make the tattoos do it. See the paper on the back of the tattoo? That's actually two different layers of paper.

The one at the back, with some writing on it, is basically just regular paper. You'll see why in a minute. On top of that is a special type of paper called a silicone release layer.

It's actually the same thing that's behind stickers when you peel them off. It feels kind of slippery when you touch it. The sticky stuff mixed with the ink -- or on the back of the stickers you'll be using as tattoos,.

Squeaks -- can stick to this slippery silicone, but it doesn't stick too strongly. That way it stays put for now, but it can also come off pretty easily. Then, on top of the ink, there's this plastic, see?

That's called the transfer layer. "Transfer" just means to move something from one place to another, and when you're ready to transfer the tattoo from the paper to your skin, the first thing you do is pull this plastic layer off. But before we do that, let's prepare a wet paper towel. It shouldn't be soaking wet -- just a little damp.

Next, you flip the paper over so the design is pressing against your skin where you want the tattoo to be, with the paper on top. Then you take your wet paper towel and squeeze it against the other side of the tattoo paper. Remember how we said this was just a layer of regular paper behind the silicone?

That's so the water can go through the paper and get to the silicone. When the silicone gets wet, the ink and sticky stuff that make up the tattoo slide right off and stick to your skin instead! Once you get the paper wet, all you have to do is wait about thirty seconds.

Then you carefully lift off the paper and ... voila! A tattoo! The design will stay stuck to my skin for a few days, until eventually it starts to rub off.

But since it would be a lot harder to get it to unstick from a robot rat, we have our tattoo stickers for Squeaks here. So, Squeaks, let's do yours! Have you picked out the design you want?

Thanks for joining us! If you want to keep learning and having fun with Squeaks and me, hit the subscribe button, and don’t forget to check us out on the YouTube Kids app. We’ll see you next time, here at the Fort! [ outro ].