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In which Hank talks about cartoon villains and the awesomeness of the nerdfighters.


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Good morning, John, it's Tuesday, July 3rd. How long am I gonna be on the odd days? I'm tired of the odd days. I'm out on the porch again. On a porch swing, so if I look like I'm constantly moving to you, it's because I'm constantly moving. Hopefully that's not gonna make anybody nauseous.

In reference to your new Nerdfighter scheme, I am just mostly very happy at the abilities of our current Nerdfighters. Because, damn, I couldn't actually keep up with the amazingness of the Nerdfighters. I would have Brotherhood 2.0 sponsor a new person at, and then by the time I was done and had gone away to, you know, urinate or something, I'd come back and it was already all the way funded. People are really excited about this idea, which I think that they should be.

However, you're right. There could be more Nerdfighters, and more Nerdfighters would be a good thing. I'm excited for all you new Senior Executive Nerdfighters, I'm sure we will have projects for you soon. And don't worry, if you've seen more than one episode of Brotherhood 2.0, you're not really a NiT any more, you're a Nerdfighter. We'd love it if you comment more, and I'd like to see you in My Pants, and rating our videos on YouTube, getting Nerdfighter tattooed across your face. Actually I seem to remember a point in time when people were sending us cool little Nerdfighter things that they were doing, like one person spelled Nerdfighter on their knuckles and send us a picture. One person made an Easter egg that said Nerdfighters on it. I would like to encourage people to do that more. Those made really good middle frames for the YouTube clip. Someone said they did sidewalk chalk Nerdfighters in their driveway. Advertise yourself as a Nerdfighter. Do Nerdfighter stuff. Uh, mostly just with the word Nerdfighter. And send it to us, and it's extremely likely that it will be on the show.

I do have one other little bit of business to attend to. You do know what a Decepticon is, right? You know you didn't make up that word. Decepticons are transformers, the enemies of the Autobots. When you chose Decepticons as a name for a Nerdfighter's enemy, I initially thought that there must be some better team of super-villains to use as our enemies. But then I looked and I realized that super-villains don't come in teams. Super-villains almost always work alone with henchmen below them. And the Decepticons are kind of a gigantic exception to that rule. I kept thinking of different villains from cartoons of my childhood. Doctor Claw, Shredder, Mumm Ra, Skeletor, you know people like that (shows Nixon). But the Decepticons really are a team of super-villains and I think that's impressive. Frankly, as the enemies of Nerdfighters do operate in teams, they're not on their own. They don't have henchmen. I think Decepticons is, so far, a pretty good name for them. Anyhow, I will see you tomorrow.