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With all the great press The Brain Scoop has been getting lately, it's time to put our best foot forward!

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The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
Emily Graslie

Created By:
Hank Green

Directed, Edited, Animated, and Scored by:
Michael Aranda

Production Assistant:
Katie Kirby

Filmed on Location and Supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

Thanks for so eloquently translating this inspiring episode, Andrés García Molero, Evan Liao, Martina Šafusová, and Seth Bergenholtz!
Emily: The Braaaaain Scooooooop!

E: Just to clarify, there are two different spe— genus— geniuses.Just to fl- Just to clarify, there are two different plants that cau— Just to clarify, there are two different plants that associ—

E: Te— th— beh. Nope.

E: The growth of ma— blah-bwah. Nope, not even close.

E: Live. In the elevator. Of the Field Museum. This is the staff elevator; you can't actually get into this elevator if you tried.

E: Many— Many— Mmmmmmmmmmany many many many many.

E: This is the DNA lab, where they— BLAA.

E: Would you be interested in meeting a group of your fans at the Field Museum? No.
Michael: Never.
E: Never.

E: ...planning upcoming episodes for the Fiel— faaa— for the Field Museum! Merhh, duh.

E: Many tax— Many— I don't know what's happening.

E: ... and they're filled with air sacs.
M: It sounded like you said "air sex."
E: Air sex! They're full of air sex! That sounds great.

E: ... but all must be ad— vent...I'm just making words up. "Addent?" What am I saying?
M: I don't know!
E: I think I had a stroke. N— d— e— n— dah— i— dah— dah— n— Neh.

E: ...we have— qui-kwew-byup-yup-yep-bep-bep-bep

E: Those are the bones that store the majority of the marrow. (burps)
M: Are the— There it is.

E: All of the plants in this hall are made by hand!
M: Do you wanna say they're made of wax?
E: ...They're made of— by hand.
M: What?
E: They're not made from glass.

E: Hep-a-dip-dip-dip-dip.

E: Early hominids! That was dumb.

M: You made some intelligent points. Also, I like this because you are hot. (Laughing) Good.

E: ...for display that haaaaaaaAaAaAaaahhh... 
Raah-aaan... bwip-bip-bew-b-dip-be-nen.

E: Does the c- aaaaah.

E: I'm SO enthusiastic!


E: Please tell me you weren't recording that one.

E: Structurally— Structuralillli— All—
H-nyeh a-byih.

E: When a caterpillar liquor-fies— Liquor-fies. Liquefies! Liquor-fies.

E: And then just go, "No, you're a dodo!"
It's time again for quehhhh.

E: We're not like $%@#!& $!@$& @(&# here, !&^@%#. Don't put that in the video.

E: ... of different speci- ah, %#@&.

E: ...two common types of mistletoe. Mistletoe. Mistle. Toe. What a @&#$%! weird name: mistle-toe?! Mistletoe.

E: Geolog— Geology! Rocks! Minerals!... ...psssssss—what was the other adjective?
Geology! Rocks! Minerals!... Gems! @#^$%!

E: ... are active— gaaahh

E: Meticulous, meticulous. Butts. Ergh. The hides w—

E: ...and the moth will use acidic spit to break down the walls of the cocoon in order to emerge. Sounds like my first kiss.

E: ...research projects which can— eh. Projects which can. Projects. Which ca-e-dk-a-dk-a...

E: ...all different... kinds of... fash-bax-berhh.

E: Merh. Meh-meh meehhhh.

[Assorted meh's, blaughh's, and other incomprehensible sounds]

E: The cells undergo a change I forgot the rest of the script already. Back to you.

M: What's happening on the scene, Emily?
E: We're going up— we just passed the second floor and now we are approaching the third floor. Um, I'm— I'm getting word that the elevator doors are going to—they are opening!


E: I think I had a stroke.