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Sometimes, we just can't get it right. Or, shoot days on the Crash Course set are fun! You take home the meaning you want from this bunch of outtakes.

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CC Kids:

Stan: (offscreen) I think you're rubbing the mic there. 
Mike: Oh sorry.
Stan: (offscreen) It's okay.
Mike: Is it in a good-is it good there? Should I- should I move it down?
Stan: (offscreen) No, I think it's--touch your shirt. (inaudible)

 One of the towering figures in this new way of studying myths was the Scottist-Scottist. He was an an adherent to Scottism.

Mike: Eh? Meh?
Stan: (offscreen) No, it's good for me.
Mike: Shtructuralishm-structuralism *clears throat*
Stan: (offscreen) You're such a Scottist.

Mike: (Sean Connery voice) The name's Levi Strauss.

Sorry. I think that's my mouth.


These more contemporary ways of looking at myths fit well within the complex view of the world we try to take here at Crash Coursh,eh,hssh.
*whistling through teeth*

Stan: (offscreen) Gotta have an outtakes reel at some point!
Mike: Nope, nope, my hand's going to sleep.
Stan: (offscreen) *laughter* That might just be a heart attack
Mike: I'm actually just mildly uncomfy.
Stan: (offscreen) Oh boy.

 NewSection (1:26)

Mike: No?
Stan: (off) Yeah, that's funny. That's a hilarious joke about this flood that killed all of humanity.
Mike: Several times over.
Mike: Me and my family are doomed!
*more laughter*
Mike: It's the end of days!

 NewSection (1:53)

Should I wear these the whole time?
Stan: (off) No, no, no, no, no...
Stan: (off) I mean I guess you could.

 NewSection (2:06)

This is the most efficient way to do this.

 NewSection (2:10)

Alele, Ninerta, Inugi, and Ilia, put their divine heads together and decided to-this is weird. This is weird, right? Group of gods.. put their divine heads together...

 NewSection (2:21)

--thought they were lazy, bad tempered, and always forgot his birthday-I bet you can guess how he decided to get rid of those *grumble* forgetful. Just like me. Friggin. Sassafrassin...

 NewSection (2:33)

Pulsing sexual energy! Is it gettin' hot in here or is it just these mother-goddesses? Too much collar tugging? Is that all right?

 NewSection (2:42)

And guess what- he opens the box. All of the years that had passed surrounded him like a mist and his body withers into dust. 

 NewSection (2:52)

Stan: (off) He chose...poorly.
Mike: *laughs* He chose...poorly.

 NewSection (2:58)

Crashcourse- some credits. Scene 1, take 1.

 NewSection (3:06)

*clears throat* Thanks for watching...uh, wait, uh... thanks for watching. This is on camera or just voiceover? ok. Thanks for watching and as they say in the mytho- thanks for watching and as they say in the myths of my people, don't forget to be awesome. Emoji. 

(theme music)