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Charlotte and Collins have a chat.

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Mr. Collins: I thought Miss Lizzie was going to be here.

Charlotte: No, this is just where the camera is set up.

Mr. Collins: Well, Miss Lu I am honored to share the benefits of my experience in web video with you and your audience.  I've been fortunate to work with many greats in this industry and - Is that why Miss Bennet asked me to appear in your vlog?

Charlotte: She didn't say.

Mr. Collins: I don't pretend to be in the same league as my VC, Catherine De Bourgh, but her affiliation, however indirect, will be quite a boost to your vlog's credentials, I'm sure.  Oh, that must be why she asked me to-

Charlotte: Actually, I-I think it was more the fact that you're leaving town. Um, it would feel unresolved for the viewers if you were to just vanish from the videos, never to be seen again.

Mr. Collins: Of course it would!

Charlotte: So, go ahead.

Mr. Collins: Oh, thank you. My name is Mr. Collins, and I bid you adieu.

[Intro plays]

Charlotte: So, uh, you got an offer on your mother's house.

Mr. Collins: I have to confess, oversight of my mother's real estate affairs was only a pretext. I came to woo Miss Bennet and I was rejected.  Though it is a rare occurrence, I accept this unfortunate result and I will return home.

Charlotte: Don't you still need a business partner?

Mr. Collins:  Oh, indeed! I will continue to seek someone talented, intelligent, and ambitious. Ah, it is a more difficult task than I had originally thought.  E-Especially, I still do not understand why Miss Bennet rejected my most generous offer.

Charlotte: Maybe it wasn't the offer that was your problem, but your pitch.

Mr. Collins: I doubt that. I consider my pitching skills to be most formidable.

Charlotte: Why don't you try it out on me and I can give you some feedback. It can't hurt, and I'm sure our audience could learn something from watching you.

Mr. Collins: And perhaps the perfect partner for my venture is watching this video at this very moment.  That's excellent thought!  Miss Lu, as my business partner you will find I have put great thought into the Collins and Collins offices.  I have travailed for many hours with interior designers who were quite impressed with-

Charlotte: Wait, wait.  The biggest selling point of the job can't be all the time you spent designing your offices.

Mr. Collins: Oh, indeed not.  There are many perquisites to the position. The neighborhood where you'll be laboring, though far from the city, has many cultural attractions, including fine restaurants and several in the chain variety which I frequently enjoy.

Charlotte: That's not what I meant.

Mr. Collins: I know some men would boast about their fortunes and high tastes, but I believe humility to be one of my greatest virtues.

Charlotte: You see there, that's what's wrong.  You're making this all about you.  Your pitch has to be about the person you're going to hire. You're selling an opportunity.  You have to understand the other person's needs.

Mr. Collins: What are their needs?

Charlotte:  It depends on the person.  Myself, I'd be looking to hear about career and personal growth opportunity, benefits, and of course financial compensation.  

Mr. Collins: We certainly can't forget the financial.  Is that why Miss Bennet turned down my offer? What it not lucrative?

Charlotte: Uh, no.  She just has other goals, and they don't align with yours.  Sometimes that's just the way it is.

Mr. Collins: You seem very savvy in your understanding of people.

Charlotte: I've had a lot of practice.

Mr. Collins: And, and you're most resourceful in your endeavors with Miss Bennet.

Charlotte:  We have to be.  We don't have many resources.  It's a struggle sometimes.  

Mr. Collins:  So, your partnership with her, is it binding?

Charlotte:  We're not married or anything.

Mr. Collins:  Oh, goodness, I wasn't implying - My apologies.

Charlotte:  No, it's fine.  Let's get back to your pitch.

Mr. Collins:  Right, of course.  Miss Lu, once Miss Bennet films her videos, then what happens?

Charlotte:  Well, I edit them.

Mr. Collins: And then?

Charlotte:  When they're ready, I upload them, tag them, and promote them.

Mr. Collins:  Miss Lu, have I told you about my company: the career growth potential, the personal benefits, and financial compensation?

Charlotte:  You have, actually.

Mr. Collins: Oh.  Your efforts to impress me have not gone unnoticed, and actually add to your many qualities.  You're nervous, of course.  My intentions have been too obvious.  In fact, when I saw you again I knew that you would be the one to share the most important-

Charlotte: -most important part of my life.

Mr. Collins: Great minds do indeed think alike.

Charlotte: Indeed.

Mr. Collins: Charlotte Lu, would you become my partner at my company?  My offer is firm and serious.

Charlotte:  Lead with your best foot forward.

Mr. Collins:  Please take some time to consider this offer.  I eagerly await your positive response.

Charlotte:  Yeah, I'll let you know.