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Hello faithful description reader! You are one of the proud did you even get down here. Thanks for not scrolling straight down to the comments, though definitely consider doing that as well.

I have to say, the third really great idea that was all John's, and that was probably better than any of my ideas, was Crash Course. You might say I left that out because it better suited the video to make a joke, or you might say that I just totally forgot about it because they list of things we've done is tooo loooong.

Thanks to Grace for tagging me in the head balance challenge!

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Good Morning John Green! Hey there! And Happy Birthday!!
Sorry I didn't do anything.
In the early days of Vlogbrothers we did a lot of birthday stuff and it got...we kept trying to one-up each other until it was a lot of work.
You may remember this guy. He was one of your birthday presents. We made a whole bunch of these. This ones broken, you might be able to tell.
And you were the only one with a bobble head for a long time until- I also now have one. And you can get a set of both.
I gotta know who's still got any of these. Definitely a different level of quality in the new ones. I think these look better, but you know, there's nothing wrong with this. 
If you were wondering what it looks like without the head- a huge spring.
So in order to alleviate the blinding pressure of having to have an even better birthday present than the previous year, we just stopped having birthday presents at all. 
What do you need. You've got a beautiful family and a home and a Chevy Volt. What else could a man ask for?
We were headed up to our 10th anniversary on YouTube. 10 years of doing this!
That is very exciting. Its also perplexing, like I don't remember a lot of the stuff that we've done. And we've done many stuffs. So many stuffs.
This week Grace Helbig uploaded a video in which she put stuff on her head and then tagged me.
Grace Helbig: And I'm tagging the Vlogbrothers. Either one
As if I haven't already put stuff on my head. Grace have you not seen all 1427 of our videos. Grace, you are 9 years behind us. Not that I mind. I have a bunch of stuff and I am kind of an expert at this. I have so many things that I did back in 2007. I could do this all day. This is actually the concept Chevy Volt. I was so excited about this car when I was writing for EcoGeek that I bought the die-cast version.
Other things I've been excited about in my life, and no longer am really, Assassin's Creed. Its okay to change your mind about what you are into. 
But friends, I am still into this. ughh!! I got yeti in my mouth. 10 years later it remains very exciting, and weird, and always I'm learning stuff about the world and about myself. It has made me like people more. It has made me like myself more. And we were really able to do a lot of cool stuff- being able to launch things off of this and try new things and have ideas. Its so great that this community has been so supportive of new things, new idea. And as long as they hit that mix of being good for the world, fun, interesting, good for the community, then I don't feel like I've been betraying any of what we've built here. And that is the important thing ultimately. What do you think Yoshi?
And I will say that a lot of the ideas for new things to do have been Hank ideas, have been my idea. Whereas the best ones have been your ideas, John. I'm thinking of two major ones- this in the first place. This was all your idea and I just followed your lead. I didn't know what we were doing, but I was convinced that you were right- that online video was an amazing glorious thing. Even though I wasn't into it the way you were. And of course- our upcoming sports network, which remains unnamed at the moment. 
Grace, I hope this counted as me putting things on my head. This is just a ... ? molecule from Derek... from Veritasium's Snatoms kit. They're magnetic. They stick together. Its so cool. You can build molecules. I may be a bit of a dork. 
And John, Happy Birthday! Get ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary, which we're gonna do in the real world in Boston in NerdCon Nerdfighteria. And if you can't do that and you're nearby Minneapolis, maybe you can go to NerdCon Stories instead, where John will be but I will not, because, and maybe I haven't said this on this channel yet, I've said it a bunch of different places, I've alluded to it, but I'm having a child with Katherine in October. So I'm on travel moratorium, which is lovely, though I do, like, I help out with the content for NerdCon Stories and it does make me jealous.
Every time I am in one of those meetings I'm like, "This sound like a really good conference."
But hey, do I do this for me? or do I do this for other people as well?Other people as well, and also me.
All right, this one didn't really have a point, did it? 
10 years. Its coming. I just did the math. People have spent over 50 lifetimes watching Vlogbrothers videos. We're just killing folks. Eating up human lifetimes left and right. Hopefully its worth it.
John, I'll see you on Tuesday.