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Hi Washington, if you want to vote  in the 2022 midterm elections there   are three steps you need to take.

Register,  make your plan, and of course, vote.   All Washington voters can register online  until October 31st. You can find the form   at

If it’s past  the 31st, you can still register all the   way through election day by going  to your local voting center.   Then it’s time to make your plan  for how you’re going to vote.   Washington makes it pretty easy for you. As  long as you’re registered by the deadline,   they’ll send a ballot to your house.  You don’t even have to ask for it.   But if you need it sent somewhere  other than your home address,   like if you are going to be out of  town or go to school in another state,   update your voter registration to let them know  before ballots get mailed in early October.   You can either mail your ballot back  or drop it off at a voting center or   drop box by November 8th. But if you’d prefer to vote in   person or are registering late, you can use to find a voting   center near you.

They’re open from October  21st until November 8th at 8pm. Hours vary   by location so check that link to find out  when voting centers are open near you.   If you’re voting in person, be sure to bring  an ID, like a drivers license, state ID,   passport, military, tribal, or student ID. Once you have your plan for how you’re going to   register, and how and when you want to return  your ballot, you just need to follow the plan,   and vote on or before November 8th.

If you want to know everything that you   can vote for ahead of time, you can find a  voter guide here so you have time to research   candidates and make your decisions. You don’t have to vote for everything for   your ballot to count, but this is your best  chance to choose who gets to make decisions   about your life: all the way from congress  to your city council or school board.   We’ve put all the links for everything you need  to register, vote in person, or track your mail   ballot at Thank you for voting!