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Here is just a taste of traffic issues . . .

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Hank: Man. That's OK, there's a giant motorcycle going by. We'll just keep on going. Oh, you had to stop, huh. Wow.

Woman: That's gonna explode or...

H: I'm a little worried.

W: It must be, like, a dirt bike or something. Is that two stroke?

H: Yeah. Sounds like a two stroke. Move along! Go to your, go to your party, go off-roading somewhere.

W: You turned Minnesota.

H: Yeah. (Laughs) My goodness, oh goodness. You gotta farty one. Move along. There you go. Ya. Alright. Have a good day. Oh yeah. Oh man. Where are... Are you just revving?

(Women laugh)