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In which Hank and Katherine capture and then immediately lose Peter Pettigrew and then go SHOPPING!

Hello, and welcome to "Hank and Katherine Play Harry Potter Years 1 through 4" We are in the Shrieking Shack, and there's a rat. Hello rat. Ratty-bat.

Katherine (K): Shoot it

Hank (H): We nood a special do we nood a nood-da-dood?

K: Shoot, shoot

H: Ooh I've got an explodey charm

K: Shoot it a lot

H: Yes, that made it explode, gud-I-ju-ju-I just walked over it and that's not good enough, though. Sorry, right in your face, I think he's in the..yes the piano. So we just have to explode everything in the room? That is generally what we do. Katherine is here.

K: I am, I am. I'm just trying to figure out which spell to use

H: Oh. I don't know that it matters. I've been using this

K: I think the regular shooty one. Works too

H: Also works. Okay. Ooh. I think we are building a giant mousetrap.

K: Oh we are building a giant rat trap.

H: Rat trap.

K: Hi, kitty, you never come in here when we're in here.

H: Yeah, what are you doing kitty? Oh everybody is unconscious. Ooh there's, ooh a purple! Ooh. Yeah

K:Ooh. Wow! Uhh

H: Is he hiding somewhere?

K: Yes he was in the pot, that bastard.

H: He was in the pot. Do it, do it Katherine! Make that giant cheesy trap!

K: Now let us hide

H: Oh look at that waft, look at it wafting into the hole.

K (whispering): He's going to come out and get it. Right? Yes, yes.

H: Come and get it, little rat. Yeah even the cut scene..yeah that is a giant piece of cheese, man. Ooh no that would be...that would have... that would make death happen.

K: Oh probably. Uh, wizards, I don't think are extra strong or anything, they're just magical.

H: No,'d be good, why don't we just kill him now? He turns out to be pesky later.

K: Yeah, um, that is always the question, isn't it.

H: I say Avada Ke...buttbuh. Uh, yeah, separate angle. He is not a good looking man

K: Dat little nasty ratty man. Oh god, Oh god!

H: Oh no oh no not the full moon, what were you thinking, you dumb-butt!

K: Dumb, I don't like it when Lupin turns into a werewolf.

H: It's okay it's cuter in the LEGO version, see, he's cute! He's a cute werewolf.

K: I am not feeling cute

H: He's cute! He's a dog and he's another..

K: Get out Sirius-dog...

H: Run away! Okay, we are in for the...the best

K: We are in for a...some kind of..yes! While we are here let us shoot some stuff!

H: Sorry, I shot you, a little bit. Grow that plant! 

K: Why not?

H Eat that bagel!

K: How do I make my cat?

H: How do I make my cat? Uh, it's like a spell

K: Oh, okay okay okay okay.

H: You have to switch to it. Ron is still unconscious over in the corner. Oh. Oh now I'm makin this. Dig that kitty!

K: Dig, dig. Uh-oh. Dig faster, kitty

H: Uh-oh (sneezes twice) If you sneeze during this video, bless you.

K: Bless Hank. Um, oops. So what did, what did I just do? Something that doesn't do me any good?

H: What did you just do? Ah, I'm not sure what that is, it doesn't look familiar to me, but I did something useful I bet. I did.

K: Ron, Ron is still incapacitated

H: Hello? Yeah, he's injured, he was bitten by a giant dog. Okay, my, my death star is flying. And it pooped.

K: Yes. Built a death star, it pooped some bricks. Oh, now I bet you were supposed to make a fricking...

H: Ha, that is usel...why? Why would I do that?

K: Indeed. What's this Mandrake here for? What the frick!

H: There's a Mandrake, Mandrake, and there's...what are those?

K: I don't..moles?

H: Oh, they're moles, I thought it was a dementor.

K: No see how they're

H: Look kinda like Dementors, man

K: Um, okay there's a pulley thing we...

H: We gotta make a potion. There's a..there are dogs havin a fight up there. Fighty dogs. Dig!
K: Dig it! The kitties don't dig very fast, apparently. Oh, sorry

H: Aha! Hey, there's a rhino horn on this. AY! You get it then, if you're gonna shoot me!

K: There it is, there it is. Rhino popsicle. What is it?

H: Rhinopsicle. Yeah

K: Rhino..sicle..sicle..Rhinopsicle.

H: Where's the pot? Oh, haha

K: It's right here! I just uncovered it! I still can't get the fricking rhinopsicle though.

H: You need one of these? No

K: I don't know, maybe. I'm confused

H: You do. 

K: I'm feeling confused and stupid.

H: What is this? Patronus? Feeling confused and stupid, that's not good. Don't like that feeling

K: Nope, I don't like to be feeling that way.

H: Maybe I need to plant the second one. Okay we've got two rhinopsicles now, there's another one over here, maybe we have to plant all the rhinopsicle plants. Kay.

K: Oh, oh it was that one. Oh

H: Alright did you find a bone? I see like twelve of them.

K: Building a skeleton...

H: Okay so we need his arm

K: (mumble singing)

H: Okay stop doing..there it is. Yeah. Hermione made a bone. Made many a bone...since she got all grown up.

K: (laughing) That is not right, that is not right.

H: Alright, alright, you were standing on the thing right when you needed to be standing on the thing, well done, lady.

K: But I fell off of it now I'm stuck in the middle.

H: That was dumb. I need a kitty!

K: I know, I'm bad at jumping. I should have just sent the kitty up there. I didn't need to go up there. Ah, go kitty go! Go! awwww

H: Ah, my god. That is a chubby kitty.There you go, good kitty!

K: Mrowwwww

H: Dig, dig kitty! Oh it's so cute, I love it when they dig.

K:Whoaaa Gremlin pumps!

H: Whoa she made..made little poop men

K: They built us a ladder, so we wanna go up the ladder.

H: Okay we gon..gonna go up tha laddah and there's I am definitely, am going to die.

K: Come on Hermione. Just come along.

H: Ah ohhh thank you for saving me, AH there's more there's more there's more there's more.

K: Have I mentioned that I don't like spiders?

H: (singing) Have I mentioned lately, my arachnophobia?

K: Okay, so that was just a student.

H: Yeah, it did look Lupin-y. Um oohohoh I'm making another thing, semi-spherical. Oh, it's a bouncy shroom.

K: My favorite kind. WEE! Oh, whoops, wow

H: Okay, well a cutscene. Oh! Uppercut! That's the best punch. ahhhh

K: Who taught the werewolf how to box?

H: I don't know, it was a good punch. He got his weight behind it.

K: Sirius, come back!

H: Where is he going? No, don't go that way, there's Dementors. Ahhh!

K: Oh god. Don't worry don't worry! Ahh, Dementors, oh don't like Dementors, I don't know how to do the charm. Good enough, good enough.

H: You're good enough! Believe in yourself

K: No I'm not! I have no faith in...oh there it goes, suckin' it out with your little, twiddly, diddles.

H: Twiddly? Oh the little things on the bottom.

K: Yeah, that's just...yeah

H: Gross, yeah. It's gross. This always looked much better in the book than it did in the movie, to me. That scene? Looked much better in my head.

K:I did..yeah

H: (singing)

K: We got a bunch of studs

H: We did. Exit level! Yes, we had to replay this one because of a technical difficulty, so that's why we weren't going for true wizard, if you were paying a lot of attention.

K: Yes. Sorry...

H: (singing) It's okay to not like things.

K: I like mini-eggs.

H: It's also okay to like mini-eggs. Alright...

K: Easter candy! okay!

H: Do you wanna go get some stuff in uh, Diagon Alley?

K: Yeah, I wanna spend some of this money.I wanna spend it.

H: Diagonally! You're dead, dead person!

K: What do we got? What do we got in here? What's this? Nothin'

H: I don't know, there's a pot..

K: It's an empty door.

H: What's this? Oh, hair cuttery

K: Lets go in there

H: Fantastic Sam's! Harry blue shirt, locked, locked locked locked locked locked locked. Geez, what do we need to do to get all the shirts? We got Ginny cardigan, I remember that.

K: Yeah, Ginny cardigan, I don't know man. Ooh changing room changing room

H: Well, this place sucks anyway. Up here. Oh god! I just, oh god! It was a naked old man. What did he like...create something for us? Oh, that's weird.

K: We're going in the fitting room.

H: This just seems wrong.

K: Can you make a person? Is that what's going on here?

H: It's custom for..and custom mem...Weeeeeeee!

K: Custom A...A....B

H: I!

K: I think this is for free play.

H: Oh wow, that one was funny lookin. You've got funny looking ones on yours.

K: Which one? Oh, this one?

H: Yeah with the hair

K: The Goku hair?

H: The Goku hair, yes.

K: He's swingin' around, okay! okay that's not helpful. Um..

H: Why is there a floaty head? Oh we were loading. Okay, I don't like this place.

K: I don't either. Not necessary

H: But we got that by uh...we got Harry Tuxedo!

K: Ahh we're ready to go to the ball!

H: Well, he doesn't need a tuxedo, he needs robes. Nobody wears tuxedos in the wizarding world. Tuxedobe.

K: Tuxedo robes. Wearing' a tuxedo robe. Yeah, gold brick

H: Gold that what we need? What does it do?

K: Yeah, I don't know.

H: Figure it out! 

K: I've have two already

H: Yeah, buy gold brick gold brick 4, buy gold brick 5! We have so much money it doesn't matter. We're so loaded, at this point.

K: Well, we're about to not be..we're about to be not as loaded.

H: Okay yeah, that's a pretty significant hit to our loadedness. Okay, I see. Okay all the owls look at you, that's cute. Um, yes

K: Oh yes, these too, yes.

H: Silhouettes, Ice Rink, Disguise, Carrot Wands, Stud Magnet, and ghost far..uh fast dig, fast dig is good.

K: Ooh fast dig we need fast dig. Yes, that's useful.

H: Carrot Wands...okay

K: Those are not helpfu..okay.

H: Are our wands carrots now? Oh, okay.

K: You can equip it, just like you can equip the other things, if you want to be

H: Okay well then screw this place, we're going home. (imitating game sounds) huh! heh! huh!

K:We got stuck in the...

H: Yeah...I....Alright now we've got the thing what do you wanna...

K: I don't know I'm just going in all the shops, man!

H: Oh, you wanna shop, you're going shopping.

K: Yeah!

H: Happy Birthday! This is what we're doing for your birthday, go shopping in Diagon Alley. Multiforcus

K: Multicorfors... I don't remember that

H: Multicorfors. Rec..Rictum..(laughs) Rectum? I don't even know 'em!

K: Oh god.

H: Locomotor Mortis...Sounds like you make dead people move.

K: Do these all replace the top one? Ah.

H: Probably. Glacius! Incarc..that's the one we have, 'cause I accidentally bought it.

K: Right.

H: Trip jinx. That sounds like fun.

K: What..What's the point?

H: You can make people do different things.

K: But like if you get this one...does..does the other one go away?

H: Yeah, yeah. Well, I don't know. I guess so! But you know, maybe it can switch back and forth once you buy 'em.

K: I think we should get Stupefy

H: Okay. Stupefy, unlocked! Alright,yeah that goes there.

K: It replaces it.

H: But we can probably switch back and forth, now that we've bought 'em. Yeah we can switch back and forth. Okay, thank you for watching this episode of "Hank Green and Katherine Green play LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1-4." Uh, I hope you enjoyed watching us shop

K: Weee!

H: We're adorable, aren't we. Okay, this is a long one

K: It's a little bit of bonus boringness

H: A little bonus boring!

K: You wanted a little bit longer, you got it.

H: You will not see us and we will not see you but you will hear us, next time on "Hank and Katherine play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." There's an annotation on the top right hand side of the video if you wanna watch the next one, you should click that, right now. Goodbye.