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After a brutal workout with Laura, Sarah joins John and Chris and shows us how boxing and sparring is really done.

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 Intro (0:00)

C: Just don't, I mean honestly I've never, I haven't taken a punch in my life.

J: The last time I got hit was 7th grade and I cried so much, and it was the end of my cool career.

[100 Days intro]

 Day 55 (0:11)

John: [voice over] Welcome back to 100 Days. So Day 55 was a Saturday, and Day 56 was Sunday, so those were self directed exercise days. On Saturday I enjoyed a relaxing 4 mile run, and on Sunday I did intervals on the treadmill. 

 Day 56 (0:19)

John: [voice over] I'd run for 1 minutes at an 8-minute-30-second pace, then for 2 minutes at a 10-minute pace. I did that for about an hour and it was really hard but Laura says that it's gonna make me into Usain Bolt. Or, more specifically, into a person who can run a mile in less than 9 minutes.

Also I did a pretty good job of tracking my food over the weekend, so here's some pictures of that. I've really been working hard on eating balanced meals and trying to cut down on my snacking. Chris was still in Arizona golfing over the weekend, but he's managing to take more pictures of his meals than ever so I'm really proud of him. 

 Day 57 (0:50)

John: [voice over] On Day 57 we were back in the gym with Laura. Things didn't start out that well. I had some hamstring pain and Chris showed up late, but eventually we launched into the workout. Laura had 19 stations set up and we did each station for 35 seconds with a 15 second break in between, and then... [air horn sound] a horrible air horn noise would go off and we'd start the next exercise. 

Laura had the stations set up so that we'd go from a strength exercise to a cardio one, and then to strength and then to cardio, and so on. They went as follows: 1) upside down bosu gliders, 2) body bar curls, 3) TRX burpees with one leg, 4) ab twists with weights, 5) a spinning sprint, 6) atomic push ups, 7) literally just pick up this bag and run round.

J: Nobody film this. [laughs] Don't film this, I look so stupid. 

J: [voice over] 8) scooter roll-outs, 9) hurdles, 10) a bicep hold, 11) medicine ball toss and lunge, 12) dips, 13) ropes, 14) ladder push ups.

J: I got nothing.

C: I got nothin today.

John: [voice over] 15) push the bench then pull it back with rope, 16) ball ab passes, 17) ab straps, 18) knee-ups, and 19) and burpees on the other leg. If that sounds like a lot, it's because it was. 

J: I just don't have it today. Ya know Laura, some days I just don't have it. 

John: [voice over] We got a break, and then we had to run through the stations again, and then one last time with 30 seconds per station before we finished up with some ab exercises.

J: The beached whale. Just trying to buy some f*ckin water. Take me home! Why are all my, uh, workout metaphors marine-based?

John: [voice over] And here's my Day 57 food. Look at those french fries! At least I'm tracking them. I'm not even sorry to be honest, Kim. We also have some pictures of Chris's food - he's getting so  much better at this! On a mental health note, I did have a panic attack on Monday which was a bummer because I hadn't had one in over a month, but I suppose that I cannot expect progress to be a straight line and I'm still meditating every day for the record. 

 Day 58 (2:50)

John: [voice over] And then Tuesday, Day 58, there was another boxing workout with Suzana. You might remember this from Day 40 - it's hard for me to forget, at least, because I was literally dry-heaving on camera for the world to see. Honestly, I woke up on Tuesday morning on and the first thought I had was: 'It's boxing day.' And not in the fun British way. But Chris, Sarah, and I showed up ready to work, which was good, because we were put to work. 

Like last time we began with wrapping our hands, and then we did a warm up. 

J: I've never actually been able to keep a hula hoop in the air, I didn't have the shape for it. 

Sarah: [laughs]

Suzana: Now role the other way. 

J: I'm gettin there though.

C: You gettin all your talking out of the way right now?

J: Yep, cause I know I'm not gonna be talking for the last 48 minutes!

Sarah: [laughs]

John: [voice over] We moved on to a medicine ball throw down with mountain climbers in between and some foot work, and then on to the bags for jabs and punches. Next we did 100 mountain climbers, 10 burpees, 50 shoulder presses, and then 100 punches at the speed bag. Does that sound hard? Because Suzana had us do it 5 times, reducing the shoulder presses by 10 with each set. 

C: Eugh! Son of a b*tch! That's hard!

J: That's a hundred Sarah? No way! That wasn't a hundred.

S: Yep! Yes it was! I'm not cheating. 

C: You worry about yourself John, come on now. 

John: [voice over] I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty humiliating to watch. But you try lifting a weight over your head 50 times, and then 40 and then 30 times and so on. It's not easy! Like, I literally could not raise my own hand over my head at this point. And in front of my wife no less. But I want you to remember that when 100 Days started I couldn't even do 10 burpees.

Suzana: You need a mat.

C: Are we just gonna do some yoga stretches?

Suzana: Huh?

C: Just gonna do some downward dog?

Suzana: [laughs] Yeah...

John: [voice over] Then we did some ab work - crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, and Suzana would stand in front of us while we did sit ups and threw punches. Afterwards she introduced us to our next set which we did three times. 50 soft-soft-hard punches, 20 T-raises, kettlebell tap-downs in a series reduced by one rep each time, and 10 walking planks with a spider tap. 

Suzana: Down, down, up, up, tap, tap, four! Boxing is dancing!

J: Ugh! [exertion sounds]

Suzana: One part I didn't tell you about is you're now gonna have an opportunity, we have two of our, uh, boxing team, two of our boxers here. You're each going to go one round. If you're not sparring, you're gonna hold a wall sit for 90 seconds.

C: K.

Suzana: Don't get hit. That's the game plan.

John: [voice over] Chris was up first with LaKenya. 

Suzana: So, I want you to move around, but she's not gonna do too much pressure, you just don't wanna run away!

[Chris runs away]

C: [laughs]

Suzana: When you hear that bell ring, that's it. There you go! Yep! Forward and back! If you move forward and back she won't know what to come with. There you go, just like that. Set! 90 seconds, good.

J: Good job Chris!

John: [voice over] And then I met Penny.

Suzana: K, so you can throw body shots, just be mindful of your power.

J: Be mindful of your power, I'm very weak. 

C: Don't be afraid to get in there on 'em. Don't be afraid to hit that soft little mid section. He's too old to [inaudible].

J: Oh boy.

Suzana: There you go.

J: She's so fast! Oh boy, oh boy! 

Suzana: Come back to your stance! There you go. 

Sarah: Yeah! [laughs]

Suzana: Try to throw 10 straights! Yep! Set, time!

John: [voice over] And then Sarah got to spar with both LeKenya and Penny. 

C: C'mon Sarah!

Sarah: [laughs]

Suzana: There you go Sarah, 10 seconds left. 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, set! Switch!

John: [voice over] In case you couldn't tell, Sarah knows much more about boxing than Chris and me. She was a really good boxer in her 20's and now she tends to do other kinds of exercise, but she remains incredibly impressive at this... and at most things. 

Suzana: Set!

John: Good job!

John: [voice over] We finished up with a burn out at the bag. Overall this was slightly easier than the Day 40 boxing class, making it, ya know, the second hardest workout of my life. And the sparring was a little terrifying, but very fun. Actually, according to my heart rate monitor my heart rate got the highest during the entire work out while I was sparring, but I don't think it was because of, like, aerobic exercise, it was just fear.

This workout reinforced to both Chris and me that we really need to track out food because as you may remember there is a competition going on and whoever tracks the least in the second half of the program has to do a solo boxing workout with Suzana. And that is a truly terrifying thought. Thanks for watching, I'll see you on Day 59. 

[credits screen]

J: I mean, I know I was moving like a crazy person but I was just like, if I, they're gonna, I'm gonna get hit. 

Sarah: Yeah, you gotta move.

J: I haven't had that feeling in a long time. 

Sarah: It's a pretty good motivator. [laughs]

J: And like, that was a long 90 seconds. Wow...